How do search engines work?

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How do search engines work?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the hot topics on the internet. It is about ranking your site to the top of the search engines so that more people visit it and you earn more. But have you ever wondered how search engines work? Knowing this will obviously help you to plan your SEO campaign in many ways.
So, this is how they do it-
Step 1-Information Gathering and Processing
As there are a lot of websites on the internet so it is not possible for staff or members working in the various search engines companies to go to each and every website and check for details so they send “robots” or “spiders” which crawl over your site to gather all the information which are then stored in the servers of the search engines. Then the gathered information is fragmented and matched with other similar sites like yours on the internet. Then they are categorized and indexed on the results page according to its importance.

Step 2-Search Engines Results Pages (SERPs)
When we search for a particular keyword then we find mostly 10 results on each page on every search engine. All the sites are ranked according to their relevance to that particular keyword. In the past, the search engines only displayed the title, description and the URL for a search but now things have changed and we can see images, videos and even maps for a keyword in the search engines. Google is so advanced that it can translate any language or convert the value of a currency in their searches.
Step 3-The ‘formula’ that does it
So, How Google and the other major search engines figure out or categorize this huge amount of data that is on the internet and index them according to their relevance to a particular keyword. Well, you must have heard about “Google Panda” or “Google Penguin”. Those are not real creatures. Those are the names of various algorithms that Google uses. So what is an Algorithm? It is a set of rules that governs how a page relates to other pages on the internet. Google Algorithms have over 250 different factors. Google’s aim is to eliminate those searches which are more interested in traffic than relevancy. So, it checks not only the quantity but also the quality of the links of any website from other pages on the internet. Search engines ‘prefer’ to rank those sites which are receiving a lot of traffic from their links on the other sites on the internet.


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Hello Srikanta30
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Search engine have crore of bots in per second for collecting data to add the search engine database. These bots collect image and text from the worldwide websites and add those to the search engine database. In this way search engine databases are always updated. When anyone search by keyword or keyword phrases than search engine show the title , website address, a description and some keywords and sometimes some images. In this way search engine works after any one search by keyword or keyword phrase.


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From my understanding based on the discussions that I had read in this forum, search engines use an algorithm in selecting the candidates for the search list. They also employ their own index for the quicker selection and ranking of the website links that will be in the search list result. Search engines are dynamic that they seem to be researching all the time that’s why SEO methods are now accepted as factors in influencing the search list results.

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