How to improve your review site?

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How to improve your review site?

If you are an affiliate marketer you might be very familiar with a review site. And those who don’t know – Well it is a site that is basically used to review a product and a link (affiliate link) is also put there so that people come and buy the product through your affiliate link after reading your review on a particular product. It doesn’t matter whether you are reviewing physical products or digital products the main layout is still the same. But, we all know that physical products are more likely to sell rather than the digital products.
So, how can you improve your review site so that more people come and buy immediately after reading your review from the site? Firstly, you have, to be honest. You should not only write the good things of the product but also the bad one’s as well. So that people believe that it is an honest review and believe in you. And that belief is very necessary if you are looking to make your site an authority site. An authority site is a site which has been around for a while and people follow and trust it. In authority sites, you will have to write a review on a lot of products. So, capturing the belief of the people is very essential to progress. Next- you should make your site look pretty and cool. If you are reviewing products related to women then your site should not look like tech site. You must choose a theme that women will like more. Never try to mix a lot of niches in one site. I mean if you are reviewing tech products then you can write a review on gaming product on your site but not self-improvement or dating products. This will lose your site's credibility. People who are on your site to look for a tech or gaming related product will never buy (or sometimes can buy if you are very lucky) a product related to dating or self-improvement. And also the people who are looking to buy a dating product will also not believe on your review because they will think that you are an expert on a technology niche, then how can you write an honest review on the dating products. So, always keep in mind that you should never mix things up and stick to a particular niche. If you have any other suggestions on this topic please comment below.


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Yeah I get what you're saying about mixing things up. That only works if you're a brand like Amazon or Very or something. Or a very big brand that sells one thing like fashion items but can get away with selling other "fashionable" things like computers. Fashion World is one such good example of this. They primarily sell clothing items but you can also buy computers through them. But for a niche site that is selling something of a certain kind, it's best to stick to selling only those things and not something random. And for tech sites there's lots of stuff from computers to games to movies even (movies about tech, nerds etc).

And I agree about the reviews, you have to show the good, the bad and the ugly. But you have to remain impartial and unbiased as though you are a real reviewer of that product. People can see through fake reviews from a mile. Especially these days! How to improve your review site?

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