What niche is most popular when it comes to blogging?

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What niche is most popular when it comes to blogging?

Blogging seems to be getting more and more popular. Over the last few weeks I have seen more newer blogs created all of different niche's. It is nice to see newer blogs created especially if you do like browsing blogs and reading what others have to say.

Sometimes I do wonder what niche is most popular when it comes to blogs. I see different blogs such as gaming blogs, parenting blogs and even review blogs but sometimes it really is difficult to find out which kind of blogs are the most popular.

What niche do you feel is more popular when it comes to blogs?


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There is a lot of top niches out there while blogging and hard to find the right one. I coppied the tips of Jay who is a great youtuber marketer youtube is channel he is called lazyassstoner yeah bit of a bad name lol but he his good honest his tips and tricks as helped me so much.

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I could bet that most blogs, you're talking about, are designed to be monetized. Many have heard that you can make money from blogs, but they create the blogs, make some posts, and that was it - expect money.
From my point of view, probably the hottest niche at the moment is HEALTH niche, is huge and with a great potential.

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Business and finance (which also include making money) is the most popular topic for blogging online. This topic is the most popular because most of the people who read online or search online are looking for this topic.
Second is health. More people want to read on health, and it you blog on this topic you will find readers easily.
Third is travel, travel is not only widely read topic but also one of main money making blog idea.

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On the entertainment side, gaming blogs do very well. Especially if they have giveaways like Steam and Origin gift cards up for grabs. When it comes to lifestyle, business and health blogs do exceptionally well when it's backed by quality content. In particular, work from home business such as freelancing jobs or part-time and micro income jobs. Technology blogs are another notable mention as a niche.

From what I've noticed, blogs that contain many subcategories within their primary niche do well because it gives people a chance to deeper talk on the topic itself. In other words, find a niche worth elaborating on in many different fields, in my opinion.

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Nowadays more and more people are becoming health conscious. People are actually looking for all sort of information concerning health, sports and lifestyles on the internet. A blog on those topics will for sure attract many readers. My friend had a blog about travel and she was unable to attract that much readers. She has started to write more about health and lifestyle now.

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From the top of my head, I think one of the most popular niche is about health. People are now getting conscious of health and longevity that is why herbal supplements are very popular and very salable. Maybe people now understand that life is short and it is a pity to live your life with sickness and diseases. I have been reading many posts in Facebook about shared info on health matters.

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