What affiliates do you use and which niche

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What affiliates do you use and which niche

Hi. I have a hard time deciding on witch affiliates should I pick for my next project and what niche to target.. So please share yours... I'm not talking about sharing the kw only the niche and the affiliates. And please suggest some real example not some generally niche like cars/insurance.. etc.

Thank you in advance.


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I Am not using any this king of program, because that is so much difficult and not provide such earning..!

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And what do you use?
How you monetize your website?

Thank you

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I target the natural health niche. Very profitable. More niche is a good company that covers health, beauty and weight loss. Others are native remedies and Xtend-Life.

Impact five is good for natural male enhancement which is a good seller.

But remember, if you don't find those low competition high search keywords that you can rank for, you'll be wasting your time!

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People can suggest niches to you of course, and some are more profitable than others. Although most big niches are more profitable they have more competition and it makes it harder for a newbie to get a good foot hold on the industry and get ahead as there are already people smashing it in that niche. That's not to say there's not room at the top for 1 more that does things a little differently, people like change after all. But honestly the best niche to choose in most cases is the ones you are most knowledgeable in and have the most interest or passion in. Because that way, you are much more likelier to succeed in that niche if you actually care about and have some knowledge on the things you are promoting which will reflect in that as well. No good website or landing page came about by someone that didn't care much about it (unless they paid for it) but when you care about something and have an interest in it, you show that in the quality of your work.

Try to make a list of all the things in life you are most interested in or have the most passion for. And then try to list out problems with each and find solutions for them. You can build a whole business on just one solution to a problem if you can market it. The best way to do that is with your own website of course. And you can then create a blog on it talking about those things which you're most clued up on and care about and that will reflect in the quality of posts you publish and people will appreciate that. Where as if you're writing about something you don't really care much about, you probably wont really say anything interesting about it as you just don't really care that much.

This is great advice! Listen to the voice of reason, the voice of experience as they say. I've chosen niches I thought would be profitable before but slowly lost interest in them after a while and never updated them again because I moved on to things I was more interested in and those sites done much better than the ones I wasn't. I've heard this said time and time again by webmasters who have been doing this for years. What affiliates do you use and which niche

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I am using Amazon, Commission Junction and Linkshare. I use these affiliate networks on a half a dozen websites and blogs. I use related products. For example, on my health blog, I share health related products. On my fashion blog, I share fashion related products.

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