Search Engines Yahoo and ? Submit

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Search Engines Yahoo and ? Submit

Is there away to get your site submitted to these search engine because you can't manually submit your site to these like Bing and Google.
Does anyone also know a good way of getting Yahoo answer backlinks without looking like spam.


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Well, Yahoo is now owned by Bing and where as before you could submit your site to Yahoo, you're now redirected to Bing's Webmaster Tools to do it that way instead.

Although that said, you can just submit URL's to Bing directly without needing to use their Webmaster Tools here:

As for getting Yahoo answer backlinks, we've had some discussions posted on here in the past on that. Our man Razzy has posted some excellent posts on using Yahoo Answers. See his post: Posting to Yahoo answers and gaining traffic.

Or just search the FAQ for Yahoo Answers for some more great posts on that matter.

I think generally, if you take it slow and only answer in excellent ways and don't always post a link. You can build up a trusted name for yourself on there and then do it that way, slowly slowly catch a monkey kind of way if you know what I mean! Search Engines Yahoo and ? Submit

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When it comes to building backlinks using Yahoo answers it's best to take your time, be thorough with your answers. If you go in making simple answers or even one worded or two worded answers they will look at it as spam and you will not make a great name for yourself. It's about getting your name out there, making yourself look like a trustworthy person who likes helping people. The more people get to know you on a site like Yahoo answers the more chances there are of them noticing you. The key is to take your time and good things will come.

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Great answers and thank you for taking the time to respond. I will try these out thanks again for your help I will take my time and build up a good reputation on there. Hope your all having a good day.

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I am surprised to learn that Yahoo is now owned by Microsoft which is also the owner of Bing. What I had read in the technical page of a major newspaper here was that Yahoo was bought by Verizon. I don’t know the details of the sale and I am assuming that Verizon is another company that is not part of Microsoft. Anyway, what I understand with search engines regarding your site is that there is no need to submit your site to be recognized by search engines. You just have to do SEO work and that’s it.

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