Ideas please for my next blog post ?

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Ideas please for my next blog post ?

I have a few blogs but recently made a new one with domain on wordpress and also added a forum to it with buddypress and bbpress. The niche is gaming and I sometimes post about new releases and game cheats for GTA and so on. I can think of few posts but am making notes of titles of posts so I can create them in my drafts so when I am ready to make a post ill just carry on from the draft . Is that a good idea to think of blog posts before hand I just think if I plan it before posting it may be better for me.

Also anyone know any good plugins , I use Yoast for Seo, And bbpress and buddypress for the forum area of my blog.


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When it comes to blogging planning ahead is always a good idea. Idea's for new blog posts can hit you at any time and it's always wise to carry some form of paper with a pen around with you so that when that idea hits you can jot it down. With wordpress I know you were able to create a blog post and set it to be posted on a set date and time, this is a great feature that you can use to your advantage to be more organized when it comes to planning ahead with your blog posts.

i know when I am out and about I see all kinds of things and with your blog being a gaming niche you may see all kinds of gaming related things on your travels that will give you inspiration for your next blog post, that can help you plan ahead and you will feel less stressed about where your next blog post will come from.

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Have you considered featuring popular gamers? You can also opt for the common players for their experiences and travails in gaming. And if those gaming have a competition or contest, that’s also another topic to write about. What about predictions like the direction of gamers and the future of gaming. There are so many topics that you can write, just look around and take away your focus on the gaming itself.

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