I want x3 level my account

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I want x3 level my account

For the staff, please look my question i want x3 designation.

X level users are the elite. This group of users is manually selected by the staff of SEOClerks.

RequirementsMust be Level 3 or greater
Should be an affiliate
Should have social pages representing you here
Must get noticed by Staff

I have all the required points if you check my profile.


Completed Orders: 578
Amount Sold: $1,183
Response Time: 18 hours



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Level X users are manually selected as you already know, but completing orders isn't the only solution to get level X.

In order to get yourself in lime light you have to do some changes.

- start promoting and get affiliates and sales too.
- stay active on faq pages, help other people as much as you can.
- report services that are against TOS.

hope this helps.

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No offense, but I don't see how your services are Level X3 quality. There was a recent discussion regarding new social services being removed, a user got a reply back from a support agent stating that they are deleting new youtube, twitter and soundcloud related services (this information is not new at all). You have 4 youtube related services, and 1 low quality pr9 service for $1. Not sure why staff would select you to be level x3. Also, the staff look down at users that request level x3, so this discussion may have disqualified you.

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A good thing you can do is to at least maintain your Level 3. With a Level 3, there are many people making a decent amount of money here on seoclerks.
Try to make a better description and offer higher quality services. Make more effort to promote to affiliates.
That way, you may get a level X3. If not, a Level 3 is still good as well ;)

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