How to Attract Guest Posters to Your Blog

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How to Attract Guest Posters to Your Blog

How to Attract Guest Posters to Your Blog
Guest blogging is a win-win situation; providing the blog owner fresh content in exchange for a free backlink and author bio for the contributor.

Finding quality writers to post might be the dream but it won't be as easy as you think, especially if you're just sitting back and waiting for people to find your blog.

Here's what you need to know to ensure you are attracting the guest bloggers you need to your blog.

Build Your Brand and Community

Most guest bloggers are in it just for the backlink and exposure the article will bring for their own blog. And, for that reason, they will more likely be attracted to popular blogs, any blog with a strong brand and built in readership. After all, a high traffic blog almost guarantees their own guest post will be seen, read and interacted with.

The more active your blog community looks (in terms of blog post comments, shares, etc), the more likely you are to get the high quality guest posts you want. Share your content around your social networks and interact with other related blogs until you have a decent flow of traffic on a daily basis.

Let Your Readers Know You Are Hiring Guest Bloggers

You can't just assume your readers will automatically know you are accepting guest posts. You'll need to actively advertise your guest posting opportunity by including a 'Write for us' or 'Guest posts welcome' link under each post.

Ask Other Blog Owners to Post

If your brand and community are strong enough, other blog owners may welcome the opportunity to post for you in exchange for a backlink to their own blog. So don't forget to drop these blog owners a line to let them know you would welcome a guest post. In any event, you'll probably attract fellow bloggers as contributors to your own site if you are regularly commenting on their blog. This type of interaction is a valuable source of traffic and community interaction for both blogs.

Make A Standalone Page for Guest Posting Application

Creating a dedicated Guest Blogging page will help you weed out undesirable spammy guest blog posts while ensuring more high quality contributors have all the information they need before they start writing.

Tell the guest blogger what you will and will not accept in terms of content, so they know up front whether or not your site is a good fit.

Stipulate any guest posting guidelines or rules as well as what type of author bio and backlink you're providing in exchange for the free post.

Including a 'Contact Us' form on this page will encourage more submissions.

Carefully Consider Your Compensation

You might not be paying money for the content, but that doesn't mean it's free. And, what you give as compensation should equal what's being received.

Think about it from your guest bloggers point of view. What do you have to offer they would be interested in? Why would a blogger take time to post on your blog and not another?

Don't forget why your contributor is posting, so be sure any compensation you offer is worth their time. Offering an author bio box with backlink to their home page is a good start, or for more established bloggers you could give a 'keyword' link inside the post linking to a specific page on their site. Some writers won't care as much about the backlink as the exposure or chance to build their writing portfolio. Emphasize these benefits when recruiting quality guest bloggers.

The Future of Guest Blog Posting

Once you have attracted a few high quality writers who are publishing on a regular basis, it will be easy to get more. Just be sure to actively promote that you need 'guest posts' to attract other writers to your blog. Ask everyone you know (even non-writers) to contribute to your blog. Add an invitation to write for your blog, where ever you go, even your email or forum signature. Keep the momentum for guest posting going by showcasing your best writers with pinned posts.

Building a good bank of content doesn't happen overnight, especially when you are depending on the efforts of others via guest posting. But, it's well worth the effort and time you invest.


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Great post! One thing that works as well is having a form on your site that people can submit guest posts to. There are some good plugins that can handle this if you're using WordPress. One I've used in the past for several reasons such as this is called "User Submitted Posts" and it's a free plugin but has all the features you need for allowing people to submit formatted articles, title, images, tags etc and even specify a category from your blog. I've tried a lot of them for various reasons. I used that plugin on my eBook site for people to submit their eBooks to me and it used to work really well. All you have to do then is just basically promote that page/post with that form on it (or a post/page that links to it) and then drive traffic to it etc. A good thing to do is post on forums asking or letting people know you are accepting guest posts and if done right, and done a lot, over time you can end up with a lot of submissions. The only thing is, not all of them will be "postable" if you know what I mean. Some of them will be very rubbish articles and they might not be unique as well so if you're only looking for unique content you'll have to reject these ones. Though you can always message the submitter and ask them to resubmit again only with unique content. Not all of them will though but about 30-40% of them will if you ask since they want a link. How to Attract Guest Posters to Your Blog

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Great suggestions for guest posting I may try this myself. A thing I hate with my old blog which I have a new one now but when spammers come along and just post rubbish in your comments. I have a gaming blog now so I will try these out thank you. I recently started using Wordpress as its much better and as good plugins like Yoast.

Also If you use Cpanel and try and see if you have softaculous great app and then add Mybb forum to your website. So if your website is for example : then add forum on install it to forum not root. And this will also drive traffic to Your blog.

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That’s the most important – let your readers know that you are hiring guest bloggers. That line alone will make your readers think about it. They may not be writers but more likely there are writers in their circle that they can recommend. Rest assured that you will receive applicants for the guest posters if you let them know about your needs much more if you indicate your offer of payment.

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