Let's chat about Tier 2 links!

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Let's chat about Tier 2 links!

Ok so I have heard about tier 2 links and the way that I understand it is say that I manage to get a blog comment approved on a blog, then I would go and buy a mass link service to that blog to give power to my comment link right?

But what does this really mean for that blog? I have heard that some services here are good for tier 2 linking but not for your own blog. Does this mean that it could be detrimental to the other website?

I feel a little bit bad about doing something like that if it could possibly damage someone else!

Then the other thing that came into my mind is that I have a blog, what if someone that ordered a guest post through me goes and throws a mass amount of backlinks at y website?


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Tier 2 links are usually less powerful (mostly spammy) for tier 1 links which are linked to your business site.
I have this problem when I noticed many links with just 1 keyword pointing to my subpage. I think to avoid damage it is best to use web 2.0 pages for tier 1 links.

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Thank you, yes that is exactly what I thought. I mean tier 2 links might make my website stronger but what is that sending out into the world?

I don't feel very comfortable doing that to others!

Thank you for that advice, that makes sense to me and is something I can work with.

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