What Your Blogs Pictures Say About Your Blog and You and What To Do About it

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What Your Blogs Pictures Say About Your Blog and You and What To Do About it

This is the 3rd part of the guide on 10 Powerful Blog Promotion Methods from Top Marketing Experts. In the first part you learned how to make your blog rock! And in the second part you learned about how to make sure all your work isn't in vain by doing proper research and targeting the right keywords that are actually worth ranking for!

In this part of the guide you'll learn about how the images you use on your blog can have a massive effect on how well your blog succeeds. How we're all just visual creatures and the pictures and images you use on your paint a thousand words about your blog and you before they even actually visit and land on your blog in the first place!

3. We're Visual People and Pictures Paint a Thousand Words

Create Original Images
You know, a lot of blogs use stock photography sites to get their images simply because they can't take 10 minutes to create their own unique image or pictuure. You have to realize that stock photo sites have many bloggers using those same images on their blogs or will do later on and that makes it harder for yours to stand out and make an impression of uniqueness. So if possible, don't use stock photos and try to create or take your own photos and pictures.

Images Attract Traffic
Using nice images in your blogs posts doesn't only make them nicer to read but they can also be used to drive traffic from social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook etc. But again, only really more so if your images are unique to your blog! Using images/pictures/photos that have already been used elsewhere isn't going to get you any where near as much traffic as using original unique images/photos will and you can take that to the bank!

Optimize Your Images
The images you use on your blog, or that make up your blog should always be the highest quality without making them so big they make the site load slow. Just remember that most people are busy and don't have a lot of time to wait around for a page to load because the images on them aren't optimized and take too long to download and make the page finish loading which causes people to bounce!

Use Text Overlay
This is more of tip for you about emerging SEO and web design trends. But images that use a text overlay on them is a great way of making your images much more interactive and informational but putting a small description or something on them that shows when you mouse over them. Image overlays can clarify the meaning of the image and that in itself can increase your click through rate.

See: 5 Methods For “Overlaying Text On Images” That Will Surely Impress A Crowd.

What Your Blogs Pictures Say About Your Blog and You and What To Do About it

And that my friends, if you follow this advice, will improve the respect people have in your blog, improve its authority in the Search Engines and make it much more successful!

In part 4 of this guide, why relationships matter and how to build real relationships with people your blog is targeting!

Do you just use stock photography images on your blog or do you get new/unique images/photos made up for it or do you make them yourself?


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Mike as soon as I saw the title of this post all I could think was that my blog must tell people I am not a graphic designer or anything close LOL.

If I can take a photo myself and use it then I will but mostly I just stick to using stock images. The thing is that I work all on my own, I don't have any employees or a virtual assistant to make images or do photography for me.

It takes a few minutes to find a stock image and customize it a little using Canva, but if I had to try and do my own photography for every blog post I write I would only be able to publish one post a week!

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This is really great on how a blogger can really go about the job of using images on the blog. This article had really shown me how necessary images that represent hlogs are.

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I am fortunate to have a huge archive of pictures so I use my own picture whenever necessary. Having original pictures frees me from possible copyright infringements. And I agree that pictures must be optimized for faster display. A big photo will definitely take time to display. Think if you have several pictures on your blog, the reader might be annoyed and leave you. A resolution with a file size of less than 300 mb is preferred.

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When uploading images to my blog posts, I always prefer to have my own images. There are many benefits if having own images of your posts. Your original images add value to your post by making your post authentic. However, sometimes it is not just possible to use your own images because you might not have appropriate images. In that case, you will have to use images from free image sites.
When you are using images, you have to use small size files to avoid long loading time.
Image optimization is also a part of SEO.

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