10 Powerful Blog Promotion Methods from Top Marketing Experts

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10 Powerful Blog Promotion Methods from Top Marketing Experts

10 Powerful Blog Promotion Methods from Top Marketing Experts
When it comes to blogging, you want your blog to be a success right? So you'll need to do some blog promotion to drive traffic and people to it, get better Search Engine rankings for it and start actually earning something from it. Whether it's through by using ads like Adsense, or promoting offers, incentives, services or products of some kind. And there are many many blog promotion methods out there you can take advantage of for that reason. However, before I start talking about some powerful blog promotion methods from the top marketing experts of today. Get a blog that rocks and you'll get much much more impact from these powerful blog promotion methods! 10 Powerful Blog Promotion Methods from Top Marketing Experts

1. Before Everything Else Your Blog Has To Rock!!

By the way, to make this more ingestible, I'm going to give it to you in bite sized chunks. This is the first part on getting your blog right before you start on the rest!

Be Helpful
Blogs are meant to be informative by nature. They were created so you could journalize content for readers in a neat way. So you should use that concept in your blogs posts by making your content helpful to the community and its intended niche target of people. Not just typing anything just to put it up there that contains your keywords you want to rank for it in. But actually asking yourself "Is this helpful/useful to me?" and if the answer is no making it so that it is.

Be Unique
What will make your blog stand out from the rest of the blogs in that same niche? Why should people read or even take notice of your blog if it looks and sounds the same as the rest? By being unique and figuring out what your value proposition is and by helping people to know why they should even pay attention to what you're blogging about and then buy your products. To be unique, research and look at other blogs, identify things they're missing in their content, go the mile further and provide what they never.

Tell Stories
A blog is for all sorts of things, a blog isn't just for blogging about products but also for telling stories. And since stories usually always involve people and have a "moral" to every story, since they give people a way to relate with and identify with you on human levels, telling stories on your blog (that are somewhat possibly connected to your niche) is one way of gaining peoples attention and giving them that Eureka moment.

Quote Experts
Those experts before you aren't just experts by their own merit. Some of them used to piggy back on the backs of other experts before them! You can't see those experts as your rivals/competitors, but rather as the enemies you need to keep closer to you than your own friends. But by quoting experts in your blog posts you'll show that you've researched your content first to back up some of your arguments and cases.

Be Trend Responsive
By being one of the first blogs to blog about a new trend, it's likely Google will rank your blog highest for it as it ranks by discovery date. But by being responsive and one of the first to blog about new angles or concepts and questions, problems/solutions on some of the latest emerging trends that are popping off right now will help your blog in many ways other than just being ranked high by Google for it.

Okay that completes part 1 of the guide. In the next part of this guide you'll learn how not to make all your efforts go to waste and learn to make sure your content is discoverable!

As a blogger, are you being helpful and unique and taking advantage of stories, experts and being responsive to the latest trends in your niche?


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Sometimes, bloggers forget that the true essence of having a blog is tonne helpful to every visitor to that blog. If there is a problem that every content you put up on your blog solves, then you're half way to getting the visitor cine back again.

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You want organic traffic visitor and ranking so dont wast time yo can choose high pr PA DA site and do bookmarking so you can get more traffic visitor google likes it. just need manually services.
look at its good for business

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My idea of a blog is something that is factual and interesting to read. More likely my blog would cater to adherents of my niche only, i.e. pet lovers. But in having a universal blog that will appeal to the readers in general, I don’t think it is that easy to get readers. As with the promotion, I would still go for the social media marketing because that is the easiest for me considering that I have many friends there. And if you don’t have that many friends then you have to invest time in acquiring new people to your network.

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