Do you use worthless words in your writing?

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Do you use worthless words in your writing?

Being flabby in content writing is really something that reduces the level of your writing, as well as leading to a negative reader's experience. It is important to choose words wisely and to avoid the use of certain words. From research that was conducted, these are some of the most commonly used words and phrases which might distract your readers, and maybe even drive them off include:

  • always
  • never
  • literally
  • virtually
  • basically
  • completely
  • entirely
  • really
  • often
  • so
  • just

Be honest... do you use these a lot? If so, next time, think twice!


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Yes, I do.Such as, I can't and I have no idea.

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Yes I do and not thought about that previously. Thank you for letting us know about using these words.

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I have joined writing sites and forum because I want to enhance my writing skills and also to increase my vocabulary. It is noticeable in my writing that my choice of words is very limited especially with the adjectives and adverbs that sometimes I sound monotonous. But I don't consider the words in the list above to be worthless. As long as they are legitimate words and would make the sentence easier to read then it has a purpose and not worthless at all.

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The truth is that I do use those words every now and then. I don't really think that using those words have reduced the quality of my contents. I have been praised for several of the journal articles that I wrote.

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I do use these words.So really these words can reduce the quality of a content.Never heard this before.Thanks for sharing.Learning never ends.

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Those words aren't exactly worthless. What makes content pluffy are writing practices such as stating the obvious, redundancy, irrelevant content, use of cliches, and wordiness. The readers can see through fillers and are likely to navigate away from a page that beats around the bush and fail to live up to its headline. Adverbs that help create more vivid descriptions will never be useless. There's a word, however, that we should be careful not to abuse when writing and that's the word "very".

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Really? This is entirely new to me, it's totally unexpected. From now on I'll make it a point to be always on the lookout for those words.

Never have I imagined that using those words often, can literally distract the readers attention and basically jeopardize the contents value. So, what I'm going to do now is to copy the list completely as a guide. I do think that being virtually aware of words that has a negative impact can help improve my writing.

Thanks for the tip. This can help me write more effectively.

"Just for fun, I've used all the words on your list once in my comment above."

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