How Would You Measure The Quality Of Your Blog Posts?

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How Would You Measure The Quality Of Your Blog Posts?

How Would You Measure The Quality Of Your Blog Posts?

Hey bloggers, content writers and freelancers!

We've been talking about blogging for the last few weeks now. How to blog, how to start, where to start and when to start. We've covered this topic really great so far, but I still have a question for you..

How Would You Measure The Quality Of Your Blog Posts?

I've heard people who's writing 2,000 word blog posts twice per day.. And I've heard others who write one 5,000 word blog post per week and a handful of 500 word blog posts just to "fill the gaps" so to speak and to entertain their readers..

The main reason for people to do the latter, seems to be to make their readers come back, as they'll find new content regularly.

However, I saw one guy who've really nailed it with his answer in a related topic. He replied with this:

You don't decide the value of your content - your visitors do. You might believe that because a post takes you a long time to create, it's "quality" but your readers may think otherwise and it's their opinions and actions that matter.

And I truly believe that he nailed it with this one, as it's the readers who'll decide the value just like he says.. However, how would you measure the quality of your blog post? - I mean, you'll want to hit some sort of "standard" with your posts, right?

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Obviously the traffic and number of views, interactions with comments and social media shares is best measurement to know how good you done by writing some content articles. This can give you real overlook of quality of your post. Some people guessing that they provided some quality writhing post, but if there is no interest by public, then there is something wrong. Well this measurements can depend on niche of the post as some are more or less widely popular.

What else?

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Yeah, I'd go by how much engagement they got/get. By "engagement" I mean things like comments, recomments. Shares and reshares etc. And how many times that blog post was republished and posted about on other blogs, forums etc etc. But it all really depends on how much demand there is for what you're writing about and posting on your blog. If it's a new niche and there isn't much demand/search volume for it, then it doesn't really matter how long or short, how informative or engaging your content is, there just isn't enough people to do all the action on it that you could count as measurable. You have to take into consideration that if you say, got 100,000 organic visitors to that post on your blog, not all of them would actively engage with it. Most of them would just skim it looking for what they're looking for. Not all of them would leave a comment on it or click the "share" button on that post. Only a certain percentage of them would. That's the way it always goes though.

And you're right, you don't get to decide just how engaging your content is. You can only really do so much by making sure the content you're adding is very informative, relative and up to date. And you can use call-to-actions in that post asking for people to comment on it and share it on etc. But again, not everyone will do that depending on what they're looking for, the mood their in, all of that kind of thing.

But yeah, it would all come down to how much engagement it got on its own. You can help that by sharing it yourself onto social networking sites and social bookmarking sites like Pinterest, Reddit, StumbleUpon etc etc. That's the way to do it! How Would You Measure The Quality Of Your Blog Posts?

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I would most definitely say that the engagement I get from my posts is a great indicator of the quality of my posts. I find that lots of my posts have been read but not all of them get a huge amount of shares, comments or mentions on other blogs.

When a post is popular I can see the effect almost immediately after posting it. I also have a lot of local moms that read my mommy blog. So often a mom at my kids school will stop me to chat about a post I published. So it is quite easy for me to get feedback which is awesome.

There was one afternoon where 3 different moms stopped and gave me feedback on a post I had published that morning so that one was cooking.

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I think the engagement, shares and the views decide how much value that post have given. In some cases such value can be measured as how the conversion of links happened. For example you have some affiliate marketing post. And it has some views and conversion. So the amount of views and the converted links. That in itself decides the quality of content and what are the things that you may need to do to work out.

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Personally, I feel we all measure the quality of our blog posts differently.

To begin, the analytics of traffic and views per posts is always important. Interaction of readers comprehending and relating to your posts, along with commenting and elaborating their feelings/expressions is a starting basis for judging your quality.

The style of your blog and how you write is another key factor for me.

  • Was my topic relevant?
  • Did I elaborate on that topic thoroughly?
  • Was I equally objective to both sides of the argument?

These are some of my initial questions I ask myself regarding how my overall blog quality is and how I could improve on relating to the visitor while keeping their interest throughout.

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There are different kinds of metrtics to measure the quality of a blog post, for example:
Originality: The post should be original, written entirely by you, not copied from other sources
Unique: The topic of the blog post should be unique, something that has not been covered extensively online
Interesting: The content should be interesting, if you cannot grab the attention of the readers within few lies, you will lose the them.
Informative: The readers are reading for infrmation. They are not interested on what you ate for your breakfast, instead they will be interested in reading how you made an omelet (omelet recipe).
Useful: The content must be useful, something that can be of use, for example if you published omelete recipe that can be of interest for someone who wants to lean how to make omelet.

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This is a tough one to answer although I do that – measuring what you write is subject to one’s bias and prejudice so I really cannot say that my blog is good or bad. That is not for me to rate. But at least the comments to your blog can be an indication of the quality of your posts. And sometimes you have to read between the lines because some comments are not very clear and not straight to the point.

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The quality of a post can be measured in different ways like the originality of the write-up.Any copy and copy can't be so to be of quality because it has already been online.The in-depth writing can be another parameter.Does the post or article covers all the areas so that the writer is not found wanting, are they true facts researched and convincing enough.

Again, a quality post is devoid of grammatical errors, wrong spellings, and bad grammar,it very educative,informative and valuable.

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I agree with your point of view. Even though readers are the ones who make or break your blog posts, you can ensure the quality by writing high quality contents. High quality refers to original and unique contents (written by you and no issue of being duplicate), informative, and useful. Generally speaking, too short or too long posts are not liked by readers. Your content should be around 500-1000 words

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I believe that quality content with striking titles will attract visitors to your blog. I think that the traffic to your blog and the number of good comments left on your blog can help measure the quality of your posts. You must also make sure that your content is interesting as it is not only the quality which counts. If your content is boring then people will stop visiting your blog.

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