Size doesn't matter, it's how you use it that counts.

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Size doesn't matter, it's how you use it that counts.

Size doesn't matter. TRUE or FALSE?

Size doesn

Hey people,
Let me debunk this myth for you right away. - Size doesn't matter at all.

And obviously, if you're a "naughty" person, you'll probably smile, laugh or grow red right about now.. - But take it easy. This isn't a lesson about a man's "sausage".

In a previous topic of mine: If you had a list of 50 subscribers or a list of 5000 subscribers. Would you do anything different? - I asked a fairly simple question.

I was looking for some advice obviously, but not only that, I was looking for an answer, to see other people's perspective in a better way. - That's just how I am as a person.

The thing is, that people would act differently, depending on the size... of their LIST. - But, they would still take action and work with it as much as they could.

So all in all, the size doesn't matter. The results will vary depending on what you do with your list. How you'll take action and what you'll do with it.. - But make sure to always work with what you've got. No matter what anyone tells you.

Class dismissed! Size doesn

Best Regards,


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Andre yes I saw the headline and wanted to click it first instead of working my way through the new discussions from the bottom like I usually do when I check in here.

I totally agree with you that in every instance it is important to look at how you use what you have. My list is growing nicely. I have a total of about 2000 subscribers which is probably less than anyone here has but for me it is great. It brings my readers back to my website when I create new content which is great.

I also think the way in which you got your list or your social network to the size it is counts a lot too and that will also dictate what you can do with it.

For example if I bought 50 000 so called hot leads from someone and then emailed them every day I would think that very quickly that list will be decreasing rapidly since probably none of them are hot leads at all.

But if I grew my list the right way to 50 000 people and I email them every single day that is a different situation isn't it?

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You are totally on point on this one Lynne! - Growing your list steadily, rapidly or super-fast doesn't mean anything. The important things is how you'll use what you've already got, and what you'll do during the time you'll grow your list.

That's one of the reason I'd never buy a list. I've got sooooo many offers during these last 2 or 3 years so I can't even count it anymore. People willing to sell their "super awesome" email lists for anything from $10 to $1000. People claiming to sell these lists because they'll quit freelancing etc. - I mean, really?

If they knew that they could get money by sending emails.. Why wouldn't they just send those emails, even if they quit freelancing? - Why would anyone say "no thank you" to potentially thousands of dollars from sales you'd get from sending a few emails each month? - It's bogus. I just can't imagine anyone doing that.

And especially not 50 different people who've offered me their list.

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That brings me to ask a question about funnels. Everyone is talking about funnels lately and how I can get like hundreds of leads a day.... yet they don't understand why I say no thank you!

I don't even know exactly what it means but I am going to ask that now...

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I mean, I nearly tripped on a banana skin! At first, I partly thought it was going to discussion on how important the size of a banana is. Or something about a mans sausage LOL. But of course, there is method in the madness when it comes to your posts Andre and you've used it to make a very, comical but worthwhile point. As when it comes to email marketing, size doesn't matter as much as quality. You could have 1,000,000 subscribers but the majority of them aren't really interested in what you're sending them, then you may as well be sending emails to fake email accounts lol.

What matters is not only the quality of those subscribers that you have, how laser targeted they are, how they actually subscribed to you and even whether they are double opt in subscribers. As well as the quality of the emails that you're sending. Whether you're sending too many too quickly and whether you're actually engaging your readers to open and read and take the call to action you have in the bottom of that email.

I think if anyone is growing their list and using email marketing as another tool to reach more people, then they should look up ways on how to improve email marketing when you do it. There's so much stuff out there to learn, tips, tricks, tutorials, videos and the like on how to get the most from your email marketing that even if you're a seasoned and experienced email marketing master, you should still look that stuff up online to find out ways in which you can improve your emails and grow your list and keep people subscribed and opening them. Size doesn

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But of course, there is method in the madness when it comes to your posts Andre and you've used it to make a very, comical but worthwhile point.

Haha, thank you Mike. I appreciate it! Size doesn

And yes, you are correct. The size doesn't really matter, but the quality does! - I'd rather have 10 awesome subscribers than 1,000 lazy, spoiled and inactive ones.

How you work your list, that's essential. You should and most likely will use different approaches depending on the size of your list, but in the end... It will always come down to what you do. - Thank you!

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I think "size does not matter" is a cliche. Size actually matters. You have a list of 100 subscribers, and your conversion rate is 1 percent. In another situation, you have a list of 1000 subscribers and you have 1 percent conversion rate. How many people will be visiting your website when you send your email to 100 people or 1000 people. When your list is 100, you will get one visitor, when your list is 1000 you will get 10 visitors. Now, 10 is bigger than 1. Size actually matters.

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This is like comparing quality with quantity. There is one discussion that says to focus on just one kind of work when you are new to freelancing. That’s a clear statement on quality because it is not easy to maintain the quality of your work when you have a lot of work to do. That’s spreading yourself thin which is tantamount to decreasing your efficiency and thereby the quality of your performance. With the example of 50 against 5,000 subscribers, I don’t think I can handle the 5,000 individually but for sure I can take care of the 50.

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Size does matter if you know how to use it and it doesn't matter at all if you are never willing to use it or don't know how to do so correctly.

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