Forum Accounts. - Would You Sell Them?

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Forum Accounts. - Would You Sell Them?

Hey guys,
I've been contacted a handful of times these latest weeks with questions regarding my Forum accounts I have. I am a member of multiple forums and I have accounts from 2012 and 2014 for instance. Since these have been my own personal accounts, I've also made hundreds of posts and I've built my credibility and reputation using them..

My question is.. Would you sell them?

Sure, I can see why I should keep them and I never thought of selling them at all, but since I've got a handful of questions regarding them.. I've actually started to think about it. - Should I sell them and how would I be able to sell them for a proper amount of money?


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Hello no! Well, not unless the price was really good! And you could make good use of the money. But not for something paltry and abysmal. And especially if you have spent a lot of time on them and built them up over the years including the respect and credibility that they carry.

You could sell them and then they could use them in a nefarious way! Like posting spam with them or just making you sound like an idiot or something by getting into rows and disputes with people and getting infractions and getting banned and stuff and then what would that do for your reputation on those forums? And the same for any other forum where they are using the same username.

If it's just one forum and that was to happen it wouldn't really matter much. But if you're using the same username on all the forums that people that use those forums identify and know you by and they was to go about using them stupidly then that might bite a little lol

But you'd have to sell them to someone responsible I guess and make sure they don't do nothing bad like that with them. And for all intents and purposes, they probably wouldn't since they'd be buying them from you as they have that good upstanding and credibility to them.

But if you really wanted to sell them then that's up to you! Each forum has it's own rules and you'd have to check with each to make sure it's okay. Although it's not really forceable and it does happen a lot without the admins or anyone else ever knowing about it.

To do that you would need to post a WTS on some forums advertising it and getting people to PM you for the profile URLs. If they are really good accounts you could probably ask about $100 each so if you have about 10 and sell them all you could probably score $1k from it?

But think about it, 1k now, or carry on using the accounts to promote stuff with and earn more than $1k from them.

You just have to think, which would you prefer?

Assuming you could get that for them.


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Were you just randomly contacted, or are you thinking about leaving the forums and posted a topic on the forums? I would keep the accounts to build links for SEO, either for yourself or other people. Are you sure you want to sell your account? I would think about it like this.. You built up credibility, and reputation, if you sold the accounts to some stranger on the internet, would they make you look like a fool? That is one thing I always think of before I decide to sell any accounts. I don't want the buyer to make me look like a fool.. lol

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I wouldn't sell them no, I would keep them and offer some promotional services to them using those forum accounts.

They are an asset to you and while they may be worth money I believe they are worth much more to you long term than even a large amount of cash now.

I also like what Mike said, these are in your name right? So it is not just money we are talking about here, but reputation too!

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