Why Facebook Changed Its Font Size?

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Why Facebook Changed Its Font Size?

When I first saw some of those posts with big fonts I thought that my browser was zoomed in max or that they were using text generators to change the font size, but it was none of them. So I started looking on google to see if facebook has changed something according to the font size, and it resulted that if your post contains less than 35 characters only text without images, and links, then the font size will be automatically adjusted as is in the photo below, otherwise the font size will stay the same as is.

Adjusted Font Size

Why Facebook Changed Its Font Size?

Normal Font Size

Why Facebook Changed Its Font Size?

Personally I like the small font size, but on the other side this is a good thing because it makes short post more visible as sometimes the short post can be easily skipped, but now it's totally different as that font can be seen from kilometers away. Why Facebook Changed Its Font Size?

What do you think about this change?
Will this update be something useful for you?


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Ohh it's not just me then! LOL I noticed this the other day. For short posts. I see for short posts they have expanded the font size so that it is much more apparent on the page. In a way it kind of makes sense that they would do this. So for really short updates of less then 35 characters those updates will get more attention and focus on the page and that in turn will get it more engagement. That in turn, will work out better for the person posting the small update and also for Facebook as well.

Remember, Facebook don't do anything unless there is something in it for them as well! Why Facebook Changed Its Font Size?

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LOL! And yes I totally agree with you, they are in a position where mistakes are not allowed, so yeah they know what they're doing.

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Twitter does something similar to this as well. I think the main reasoning behind this, is that some posts may get overlooked if it is a short sentence so they adjust the font size a bit so people won't miss it. I think this type of thing is quite annoying, especially if you're use to facebook's smaller font size. Could you imagine all the short posts with that large font size and scrolling down your wall to look at meaningless status updates?

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I never noticed actually but now that you have mentioned it I can't wait to play around with this on my Facebook page!

I am sure that I can make really good use of this to make posts stand out more.

I wonder how many people have cottoned on to this and are making use of it and how many people are clueless about the change?

I'm going to wait until Monday when my mommy blog page gets busy and see what I can do with this.

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Yes I noticed it. I thought it was strange at first. As I read through your comments I think it makes sense as it sort of gives more visibility to an otherwise short post which could have been easily overlooked for longer ones that take up a whole chunk of a page.

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I think this will definitely be abused like hell! Especially from people that seek attention no matter what, they'll use these fonts like crazy until I get fed up with them and remove them from my friend's list. lol
Anyways, love this small changes on social networks, I always wonder why the hell haven't they implemented this years ago? I mean "bigger fonts" not really amazing innovation here...

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Those bigger fonts will be an advantage to the seniors like me especially to those who are using the smart phone for their social media accounts. The small fonts sometimes gives me difficulty in reading hence I was delighted upon seeing those big fonts when the post is short. All the while, I thought the big fonts are designed by the user and I didn’t know that it is automatic with Facebook to enlarge the font when the post is short.

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