The enermy is here and you need some help

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The enermy is here and you need some help

I run a public proxy server because it makes a lot of internet fog for me and i do my best to support freedom of speech on the internet and have written many proxy servers applications over the years, HTTP is my middle name.

Now my poor old proxy server is getting flooded with web-bot traffic that are fake clicking adverts (contracts sold on Tor) or they are referer spamming like mad so the program soon works out if the clients are human or not by looking at the number of calls for image files, Style-sheets and will test the client using a 302 HTTP redirect.

if they are web-bots then i feed them bunk cached data and they eat it up all day long without the program having to waste my bandwidth in servicing the request by relaying information from the server.

In other words your SEO programs are useless and are not written very well and if i did let all your google Analytic request hit google because you all try to run too fast then google would soon start dumping the request because they are not stupid even if the are on the make.

Slow down a bit, check the results of to HTTP 200 OK and try to make your bots look like they are human because you are fooling no one.


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I'm not sure who you are referring to? Because I am certainly not the one with SEO programs The enermy is here and you need some help

Perhaps you should contact the person you bought this from directly rather than throw it out into the community discussion where the seller may never even see it?

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I don't think you understood me very well and it's not in relation to me buying anything but i did buy ten PVA accounts here for $2.00 and have not got anything in my mail yet but i don't think they are going to be much use because facebook and goolge tend to lock accounts if you connect via any well known proxy servers so unless the accounts also come with the email address used to set them up then you are going to be out of luck

All i was doing above is warning members that many of the SEO programs are easy to spot and if my proxy server can spot them then you can bet everyone else can spot them too


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Maybe check your order for the delivery of your PVA accounts? Orders don't get delivered by email, you need to download it from the order.

Honestly I don't know much about technical things like that since I am a content writer, not a programmer.. but I would think that you need to find a quality seller and not go with the cheapest thing. When it comes to SEO and programs the cheapest is not always the best option.

Your discussion did come across as a bit doom and gloom though lol.

I hope you come right The enermy is here and you need some help

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If you happen to buy traffic and what you get are bot traffic then I’d say it is your fault. I don’t think it is possible to sell traffic by humans. Let’s take an example of just 100 visits of traffic by humans. You will be needing at least 5 people for that and will use so many IP addresses and accounts to achieve just a hundred real traffic. So it is quite impossible to provide you with a thousand real traffic no matter how much you pay.

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It's a constant situation of people trying to set up functional systems, and other people trying to unfairly exploit them for personal gain. The different being that increasingly "brute force" solutions are becoming available for the cheats. It's all a bit discouraging really.

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