How Do You Come Up With New Ideas To Blog About?

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How Do You Come Up With New Ideas To Blog About?

Hey guys,
I'm sure you've all noticed that I've been asking questions about blogs, blogging, where to start and whatever these last couple of days or even weeks.

And here I am once again. With a new question.

I'll probably go with a blog about freelancing. The "problem" I got right now, is to come up with the actual content.

Sure, I know the niche and I also have a few ideas regarding the actual length of the posts.. But I can't really tell what to blog.

How do you come up with new ideas and content for your blog?

Do you have a "special way" of doing this, or do you just brainstorm new ideas?

I have a few ideas but it feels like I'll be publishing one or two posts and then I'm done with it.. And I'd love to leave things "open" so to speak, so I can continue to blog about that same thing again, by just adding even more content so to speak.

Like a book. I want to publish a chapter and be able to publish the second chapter of the book whenever I want too, but still leave things complete enough so I can publish another chapter from another book between these posts. - Do you know what I mean? How Do You Come Up With New Ideas To Blog About?

Let me hear your thoughts!


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I have a very special way to come up with new ideas and i actually did a topic about it on Listingdock you should go check it out. My idea is to never take for granted the ideas you have around you at any given moment. The time to come up with ideas is not when your sitting in front of the computer although that can be a good time. If your out having dinner you could do a review on that restaurant or maybe a special dish you tried. Lets say your going to with the family to a them park maybe you could write about something you have seen their.

I also come with ideas by searching for what is popular. Video games, food, cars, world events, anything that people are searching for constantly. Once you find something that interests you do some research and even try it if that applies to what you want to write about. Personal experience give you the best kind of content to write about. I think if you can make each chapter make sense than you should post it here on Seoclerks. This is a great place to market almost anything.

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How to come up with blog post ideas for your blog.

Here's 3 tips off the top of my head that should be just about all you ever need to do for this reason. How Do You Come Up With New Ideas To Blog About?

1. Search in Google for other blogs in the same niche that you'll be blogging in. Keep notepad open and then jot down what you see for potential blog post ideas. There are many many blogs out there in this niche and they've been around for a long time so they will have many many blog posts on their site you can use for ideas and inspiration. Look at their blogs, read their posts, think how you can do the same thing, only better and in your own unique way. Rewrite their posts in your own words, only better, with more detail. Using this method you'll never run out of blog post ideas and will have blog post ideas coming out of your ears!

2. Use Google Alerts, set up email alerts for keywords like "freelance blogging", "freelance tips" etc etc. Make sure to choose "best results" and "all at once" and "end of the day" so that Google sends you everything it finds that day with those keywords in one big email. It's better that way otherwise Google will end up sending you tons of individual emails and you'll just get flooded with emails so choose once a day. Using this method, it will help you to keep your ear to the ground and a finger on the pulse of what is going in in that world online today.

3. Use Social Media and search on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc etc for things like "freelance", "freelance blogging", "blogging tips", "freelance tips" etc etc. Doing that will return many results on pages and communities around someone's blog which you can use for ideas and inspiration and will lead you down the rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland so much so, you'll also never run out out of or be short on potential blog post ideas for your freelance blog. How Do You Come Up With New Ideas To Blog About?

Well that's 3 free ways of coming up with potential blog post ideas and should be all you ever need. How Do You Come Up With New Ideas To Blog About?

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I love the ideas that Mike and Jkeyz2 have come up with. Strangely enough coming up with ideas for my blogs has never ever really been a problem. I am always coming up with ideas of things I want to write about. The problem I have is not having enough time to write about everything!

Like Jkeyz2 says I am inspired daily by things I see and experience in my life and these are the posts I enjoy writing the most. These are the things that I am passionate about.

Of course I also get paid now to write a lot of content and that makes it quite easy doesn't it?

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I usually come up with topics with whatever is trending. Sometimes I go to Facebook to see what's trending on the news section, or I even often go to twitter and check the trending hashtags. I also am sometimes just creative enough to come up with my own ideas, however I get writer's block a lot.. so it kind of hinders my creativity.

A lot of people get some ideas via Google Trends, so if you're wanting something to write about just check what the daily trends are. They have them to where you can just scroll down and check different days, quite nifty.

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Depends on my blog's niche. If I am writing about something I'm very passionate about, probably just get random ideas at random times and write them down, then when I feel like writing a new post I just choose one idea and run along with it.

If the blog haves a niche I'm not so interested about but I need to write about it nevertheless, I usually brainstorm ideas, write them down and expand on them when it's time to write a new post.
I recommend you install Google Keep. I used it for everything but especially for holding on to ideas wants I get them.

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Ooohh thanks for the top Cristian, I've never used Google Keep before, I'll go and check it out.

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Thank you very much everyone, I appreciate it a million times! How Do You Come Up With New Ideas To Blog About?

And a special thank you goes to Lynne, who's a true, caring, helpful and wonderful individual. - Lynne and I have been talking for a while now and she's truly a remarkable person with positive attitude. That being said, she opened up some doors for me, which I didn't even think of myself and I'm truly grateful for it. Now it's just time to get things going and put in the necessary effort.. But I'm still struggling to find enough motivation for it right now.. But it will come in time!

I am truly grateful for all the advice, suggestions, tips and tricks I've got here in this topic, but also in all my other ones too. You guys are awesome! - Thank you!

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Just write every idea you have ! sometimes we dismiss some ideas because we think "they are not good enough" but the truth is you can write about anything as long as you like it. If you are passionate about it, it's just going to flow and you are going to do an excellent job. Also write the ideas the moment you have them because we are humans and tend to forget everything. As Mike said you have to really investigate what you are going to write and just go deep into the subject to be quality content so make sure you like it. Good luck.

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If you run out of ideas to write in your blog then thatmeans you have hit the wall. Perhaps you need to gather data by going out of the house. For example, if your niche is pets then go to a pet shop and talk to the attendant. For sure you will be supplied with blog ideas. Or a simpler way is to drop by the house of a friend who is a pet lover. Talk casually about pets and maybe you can expand with other animals. I don’t advise in searching for topics in the internet. A blogger is better if he writes from actual experiences.

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I regularly read news about the topic my blog is based on. This is where I usually get my ideas. At times I get my ideas from the social networks. If someone shares something interesting on the social networks then I save them. There are some days that I get writer's block and those saved articles do help me a lot.

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I get ideas from my environment, people's way of life and happenings around.I can get inspiration from anything.It could be what I have just read, research or talked about. Sometimes ideas can come from abstract things and I string words together.

I don't lack ideas or inspiration because I need to write 2-3 blog posts daily, so I'm always keeping my brain at alert to learn and experiment thereby getting ideas on what to write about.

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