Where are the Snapchat shoutouts at? Is there much market demand for it?

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Where are the Snapchat shoutouts at? Is there much market demand for it?

Hello all. Any Snapchat users on here?? I'm looking for some Snapchat shoutout services to purchase. I've purchased a couple snapchat shoutout services on here but both have let me down. Where are the Snapchat shoutouts at? Is there much market demand for it?

Other services I don't like the look of or have actual negative feedback by people lol

Either they don't login and respond and update the order and do it. Or some are just charging ridiculously high prices for it!

There's a couple that look okay but they're quite highly priced and I'm not sure whether or not it will even be effective for me. Or for my clients lol.

I want a service I can afford to purchase over and over again. I don't even need it to a massive massive amount of followers. Something like 5 to 10k would be fine!

But obviously, the more the merrier provided the price is reasonable. As long as it was affordable to buy over and over again then I probably would.

This has actually got me thinking about whether there is a demand for this sort of thing and what it actually takes to go about providing it. And whether or not the people that are providing it have real people followers or just bots?

I can see an opportunity and way to make money from Snapchat either as a middle man or the actual one doing the shout out! And business is business.

And I also see how someone could just buy tons of fake bot snapchat followers and then sell a service saying they'll give you a shoutout to their "100k followers"

And that's what I'm worried about. When it comes to this kind of thing, everything is a grey area! Everything is a risk in business though isn't it?

Anyway, anyone providing Snapchat shoutouts to real followers?

Is there any much demand for it? Not a lot but a little perhaps? Since most of the snapchat shoutout services on here have some ratings on them so have had buys.

I did actually put the feelers out there a while ago asking for snapchat shoutouts 9 days ago but it's only had 1 bid so far which is not like most of my wtb's that usually get hundreds of bids quickly!

Oh and another thing I wanted to ask is how Snapchat shoutouts work as well. I know how Snapchat works sort of. But how can a seller provide proof the shoutout was actually shouted out? I need the Snapcode?

Well thanks for reading and letting me know and filling me in! I'm sure this is semi-interesting and useful to know for other people too! Where are the Snapchat shoutouts at? Is there much market demand for it?




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Well, maybe you could follow the person that does the shoutout for you, that way you will know for sure the seller actually deliver on his promised.
I've read a lot about this snapchat craze that took the online marketing community like a storm. Apparently some niches can make a lot of money by doing marketing on snapchat so there is definitely something there for us freelance to make a buck on!

I don't like it as I didn't like Instagram but I have to get into this to stay relevant, even though I'm sure the vast majority of my clients haves no ideas what snapchat really is, no to mention the fact that it may be a great marketing opportunity.

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Yeah that's what it's all about, finding a way to tap into it and coin in on it. I think it's just a numbers game like any other social media site/app like it where the more followers you have, the more people are going to see your updates. Or in this case, will see your snapchat post. Which only lasts for 24 hours. So you take a picture of something, or create a picture with a snapcode or a qr code on it and the post that and when people view it they can be taken to the link within the snapcode or qr code. Or something like that lol Where are the Snapchat shoutouts at? Is there much market demand for it?

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When i use snap chat its always private. I didn't realize that shout outs existed for this platform. I know people want to bring the snap chat points up which is very easy to do if you know what to do. How often do you buy this type of service Mike? I just wonder if the service died out or if snap chat changed something so that people could not offer them anymore. I use snap chat on a daily basis and i never see any kind of option to shout someone out. When it comes to marketing i have never thought to use snap chat in this way i mostly use Facebook and Twitter. I will look around for you and see if i can find someone who can do this type of service for you on a regular basis. Awesome topic Mike i hope you find what you are looking for.

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Hi keyz thanks a lot. Well, when you use snapchat, how do you use it? Like, are you posting an image to your profile or something? To your followers right? So basically a shout out is just a snapchat post. Like if I was to give you a shout out on my Twitter I'd create a tweet to my followers. Same sort of thing. Some people provide snapchat shout outs on here but I've never successfully used one yet. I guess I need to get back on it and start getting followers and seeing how I can use it and then start providing my own snapchat shout outs! Where are the Snapchat shoutouts at? Is there much market demand for it?

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To be honest I do not think that Snapchat is that effective for business purposes. I feel it is too simplistic, and the market is a bit limited as older people will not really see value in Snapchat as it feels a bit too trendy. I know that there is a demand for these shoutouts, just as you are enquiring about their effectiveness, but I cannot say that i would put it first on my list if I were to give it a go and spend money on it. Having said that, there is obviously nothing wrong to give it a shot just to see how it goes.

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Ah yeah well actually. there are many companies, even big brand names like McDonalds and KFC, Pepsi and Coke and other big food and drink and sporting names like Nike, Adidas etc tapping into Snapchat by appealing to their interests by posting pictures of burgers and drinks and running shoes and other sports gear and the like. It keeps their brand in their mind then see and makes them more likely to buy from those places or want to buy those things they see so it can be used for advertising in that sense like that and brand awareness, reputation management and credibility building etc. So yeah you gotta think about how they think, the demographcs of the users on Snapchat and post the sorts of things they would most likely be interested to see based on your brand and industry (if you're using and posting to Snapchat as a business user).

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Pardon me for this comment but I have a hunch that services for Snapchat went the way of the services for Facebook and other social media network which included Youtube views and subscribers. What I mean to say is that those services are banned in this site due to the numerous complaints by buyers of the fake “likes” and followers for Facebook and Twitter. Upon payment to the service, the increased numbers will be there but later on they will revert back to the original low number.

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