My very first blog post. What should it be about?

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My very first blog post. What should it be about?

Hey Freelancers,
I've been talking about blogs and that I'm interested in starting one. I've also just recently asked you for any advice or ideas regarding my blog url and name.

What I wonder this time is, what should my very first blog post be about?

Should I write something about me, my freelancing journey etc, or should I post something unique, valuable and beneficial to my readers right off the bat so to speak?

Perhaps go with the latter and then do some sort of "About me" page or column?

What do you guys think? - As always, anything and everything is appreciated! My very first blog post. What should it be about?

Best Regards,


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It's worth a thousand words! Whatever you do, make sure your first blog post is at least 1000 words long. There is a lot of good reason for that. Long content outranks short content. And thin content is associated with black hat techniques and low quality score blogs. Now, a great idea for a first blog post is to talk about what that blog is going to be about. What kinds of things people can expect to learn from that blog. The kinds of things you'll actually be blogging about. Try to split it into at least 4 different sections. Make use of H1 tag (that will be your title anyway if you're using WordPress) and several H2 tags and about at least 300 words of content under each h2 sub heading.

Make sure to include some high quality, unique images as well. Make sure to make good use of text formatting, bolding and underlining some of the most significant words on that blog post. Of course, you will want to have an About Us page as well, on there you, can put a little about yourself, who you are, why you're doing what you're doing, what your company or business goals/plans/dreams are. As well as some links to your other social media profiles and pages. People will look there to see if any exist when they want to find out more "about you".

But yeah, so for your first post, put what has inspired you to create that blog. Put what inspires you now. Put your skills and talents. Put how you got where you are today. Waffle a LOT of text out if possible, the beefier the better! Take your time though and make sure it's good to read. And put Call-To-Actions on it too. Telling people to subscribe to your newsletter or follow you on the social media pages you've set up for that blog. Whether it's a simple Facebook page, a group, your Twitter account, Instagram etc etc.

Do that and you're already half way there. Of course, blogging takes time and patience. It takes good keyword research and it takes a goal or a plan or a dream in mind to make it all go from conceptual theory to working in practice.

But that said, I'm sure your blog will be an awesome one and I look forward to reading all your contents! My very first blog post. What should it be about?

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Wow Mike, thank you! - And thank you for being my first reader. My very first blog post. What should it be about?

So, basically, 1x about us/me page. Check! - 1x 1000+ words long blog post. Check!

Sounds easy enough, and with this answer it will be even easier to do. At least when it comes to "How To" write it. When it comes to "What To" write, it's different though, and I bet that most people are spending thoughts on that one. Before they jump in.

Sure, things about me and my skills. That's easy. It's literally one sentence. My very first blog post. What should it be about? - And that's actually something I've been concerned about. I need to write long content, which is still of high quality, and perhaps even more important, content that is fun to read, easy to read and content that brings value.. And things about myself, is usually a bit tricky in that way. - I'll spend some time on this one. Thank you!

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Yes I have to agree with Mike here, write a really long post about yourself and why you are starting your blog. Your skills and talents, plus what you really enjoy.

I have found that when I have written really honest posts, sharing my opinion then that is when the action happens. Yes there is keyword research too of course, and there is writing for SEO... sure... But people connect with people, not a keyword.

So make sure that you bring yourself across as a person and you will do well. Ok well maybe some people will hate you actually but that is also cool because firstly the people that do like you will actually like the real you and the people that don't like you will say so on your post and that is also cool because it creates engagement.

Always love your haters! That's big time rule of mine.

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Thank you Lynne and yeah, I can definitely see why I should write about me as a person too. Thank you for pointing that out. - I don't usually love haters actually, but I guess I should love them as much as I love anything else, because I can truly see why that would benefit me in the long run. Especially in terms of feedback, as long as I listen to the audience. They're as vital as other people, even though they're doing it out of hate. My very first blog post. What should it be about?

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I think the about me should be a separate page. Make it like a landing page with a click to action. I assume you want to earn money from your blog so you need to build a personal "brand" around yourself, don't go into too many details, just same some good stuff about you and make sure you have a click to action.

Also, you first blog post doesn't matter very much, you will need content at first to get things going from Google index point of view. Once you have around 10 good quality articles you can start promoting yourself on social media.

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Thank you Cristian. That was valuable information for sure. The thing about 10 quality articles. I'll make sure to remember that when (or if) I actually decide to go for a blog or not. Would you recommend all of them to be 1000+ words long? - Or should I "mix it up" with longer or shorter blog posts too? - What do you think would be the best?

And yes, I would love to earn something from the blog eventually, and even though that might be the end goal, I do realize that something like that will take tons of time and especially effort, so I'm trying to get a hang on all different kind of things before I start. My very first blog post. What should it be about?

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For a first post it should be something that revolves around you, and the main reason why you decided to start up this blog. Make sure you make it a bit long because that is important as others recommended above. And also, sound passionate about, and as long as you are honest, you are going to inspire people to read it and follow you. I think you can do it because from your various posts here you seem to be a very resourceful person in your ideas and also in your writing. I wish you luck in this!

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Thank you very much EliteWriter, I appreciate your kind words. I will totally start with something cool. Something about me, my freelancing journey and things about my business. - Also, the reason I had to go with stability before anything else, which is the reason I'll be pulling the plug on most of my freelancing things during 2017.

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Hello there. It looks like you are making the second step without doing the first step. When making plans for anything, of course, you have to be sold out on the idea. Like in putting up a business, you already know what business you want. Likewise, when planning a blog, you have the niche etched on your mind. And when you are sold out on the niche then you will know what to write as your first blog.

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