Rant: People that don't leave feedback

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Rant: People that don't leave feedback

I don't really have much to rant about on SEOClerks. In fact, 100% of the time I'm singing its praises and blessing it around the clock! Rant: People that don And this isn't about SEOClerks anyway but just about people in general. But I just wanted to have a quick rant about something and get it off my chest! lol

Basically it's just about buyers that don't leave feedback for orders delivered to them. It annoys me! Not because the the money is held for 5 days while the order is basically just sitting in "limbo". But just because they don't leave their feedback. I find it rude. I was always brought up to say thanks for the things given to me. To say thank you in the shop when I purchased something. And the same can be applied online too. When you purchase something from someone, and that is delivered to you. It doesn't take more than a second to say "thanks" at the least. It doesn't hurt and is free to do. I don't care that you've paid for the service. Well, no, I do care about that. And I appreciate that! I honestly really do. But I shouldn't have to chase people up in the orders and ask them to leave their feedback and rating to complete the order.

Sometimes, I'll get an order, the buyer will provide the required details and they'll respond to any further things I request in that order. Then I'll work hard on their order and do a really really great job for them, give them some bonus extras and the like, then I'll deliver it. After this you can't get a response from them for love nor more. It's like they've been kidnapped by aliens or something. Aliens that are using their account as they are often signed in. Sometimes I can find myself updating a delivered order 2, 3, 4 or 5 days and times again after I've delivered it to remind them to leave their feedback. Some people even ask me a question about something to which I'll respond to and then remind them to leave their feedback again and they still don't. What's that about? What's the point in that? What is the point someone please tell me lol!

Don't get me wrong, as said, I appreciate all my clients and the orders I get. I really do. So should I just shut up and put up? And I don't want to annoy people. If they don't want to leave their feedback, that's their prerogative and it's entirely up to them! I'd rather get orders and them not leave their feedback than get no orders! lol But I'd also rather that buyers used some good manners and just said a simple "Thanks" for the work that was done for them in the very least. Especially when you can't get that service else where in that way at that price with the high class service I provide.

It's like hey I'm a freelancer and I just sat here and done the work for you that you either couldn't do yourself or are too lazy or too busy to do yourself. That means I took the time out of my day and used up my energy to do it for you.

Right now I have 10 delivered orders totaling about $240 in sales that are just sitting there. Some I've been updating days after they were delivered reminding the buyer to leave their feedback. Sometimes I've even sent them a message politely reminding and asking them to do so. No response...... It's them aliens again isn't it!? Rant: People that don

If they don't value the service enough to leave a simple "thanks" when it's carried out, completed and delivered to you on time. When you can clearly see I've put a lot of time and effort into doing it and making sure it's done well. Why buy it in the first place?

Is it just me that feels this way? Am I alone in my crazy madness? Do I feel too strongly about this? Am I thinking about it wrongly? What am I doing wrong that is causing people not to leave their feedback? Is it something I'm doing? Or not doing? Or is it just plainly a matter of people are people and think they're being clever or something by not leaving their feedback for it?

I don't know. Rant over. I feel better now lol Rant: People that don

It's just basic etiquette right?


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I fully agree with you. I have had several buyers who did not bother to leave feedback, and I keep wondering if they liked the work or not. What really makes me mad is when you get a buyer who demands feedback as to when the work is going to be delivered, or just breaths down your neck all along until you send it. And then, once you do send it, he does not even bother to rate/review it! I have had this happen just this week, for two orders from the same guy. And to top it up, it shows that he was online!

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Mike. Once again you've nailed it with another great topic.

Let me start off by saying this. When I bought services for a low cost and sold them outside of the marketplace for a higher price, I usually did not leave the seller feedback. The reason? - Because I didn't want people to see the trace and finally come up with the conclusion that I didn't sold these services myself. I acted as a middleman and even if I never even once stated that I was the one doing the work, I still felt it would be for the best that I didn't leave any evidence so to speak.

That being said, I did leave feedback for the very first order, but not for most of the other ones. - So that could be ONE reason for some people to not leave feedback. And I'm okay with that, so far.

However, most people are in fact NOT reselling the services they're buying from you.. Those people are just lazy or ignorant. Or perhaps they don't actually realize what their positive feedback might give you in the long run. As each bit of feedback will help you to build credibility.

No matter what the reason might be, I do find this disturbing as I want feedback for everything I do. - So I can totally relate to your little rant here. Rant: People that don

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Yeah that could very well be a reason for it Andre! I know some people are reselling my services. A couple guys have told me outright that they do. I don't know where and for how much. They don't usually like to tell me. To be honest I'm not fully happy with that as my services are priced at the prices they're priced at to be fair to the buyer. Like it says when starting a new service "Be Fair: List your service price for what it is worth and not what you hope." So I list them at a price that is fair and what they are worth. So if other people are reselling them for twice as much or more, then those people might not think it was worth the price. I guess that could work well in my favor though if those same people later on discover my service that does the exact same thing for a smaller price. But it could well be that those people aren't leaving feedback because they're acting as a reseller. I don't know though as usually what they give me is their own thing like their own site or YouTube video or something or whatever it is. Disturbing is definitely the right word. Deranged even lol. Cheers!

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Haha okay, yeah, I can see your point Mike.. And well, I agree to disagree, even though I can agree.. Rant: People that don

Here's the thing. You provide a service for what you believe it's worth, right? - So if I believe it's worth more than that, then I'll resell it. And if I keep buying from you, you're all good because you earn the money you believe you should earn, right? Rant: People that don

That being said, if I believe it's worth 2 times more, and I can sell it for 2 times more.. Shouldn't I do it then? - That way, both you and me will make money.

So yeah, as a former reseller, I just have to disagree with you on this, even though I can actually relate AND agree Rant: People that don

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Ummmm so you like me Mike? Hahaha

As a buyer I believe that feedback is always really important. I always give feedback, without fail. I have always felt that it is a but sad that people are only too keen to give feedback when they are disappointed and let down, yet when they have received an amazing service and product then they just take it and trot off home without opening their mouth?

In this world where the level of service and the quality of a product is quite frankly more often than not disappointing, it is so important to give a glowing review when you do receive the great level of service you deserve. This is because those people have really gone out of their way to make sure that you have received a great product and service.

Those people deserve to be recognized, firstly so they can be appreciated for their hard work, but even more importantly so that they can get more work and so that buyers know who to use.

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I completely understand your concern, as i feel the same, pissed of. First of all i provide every service at my best knowledge, with quality first. if need i provide support after delivery. I provide all my services a lot faster then it's set for delivery time... Also i sometime speak to buyer, as you said, they ask this and that and no feedback at the end. Also asking politely for feedback and to mark service as delivered, and nothing... It's really kind of annoying for two reasons. First because it's rude after you care of them with best manners and provide top quality, second, because after all you do to make them happy, you have to wait for clearance to get paid. If in any case you get late with delivery they probably wouldn't forget to contact you...

Well... I don't like it too. Sad to deal with people like that

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Yes you got it Abid! I hear you loud and clear. That's it. You do care for them. You make sure they know that too and make sure they get a great service. Sometimes it's clear you've put a lot of effort into it for them. Both in terms of the rendered work and the customer service provided to them. Even giving bonus extra work or meeting extra requests. But still many of those people don't actually leave their feedback for the services rendered. Even when you chase them up! Now like anything in life, there can only be so many reasons for this. It could be they don't know how to but that can't be right as it shows you what to do and everyone, even new level 1 users understand the concept easily enough. It says on the order to leave your feedback. It could be that they are so busy they don't have the time to but it only takes about 2 secs so doubt that. Or it could be they don't want to leave feedback and prefer would make you wait 5 more days before you can get their/your money lol. Or perhaps something else like aliens kidnap!?

This actually is counter-productive not to leave feedback. Even if it's negative feedback. Because I offer discounts on my services for good buyers that leave feedback which makes it cheaper for them in the long run when they buy it again as a lot of my buyers do. But I won't offer them as much to those buyers that don't leave their feedback. That's could be another reason they don't leave their feedback as they're waiting to see if you offer them a discount code lol. But sometimes I do do that and they still don't lol

Come on people play ball!

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And yet, we already have some reputation built here, so we don't really need to bribe them for feedback, but i guess it's hard slap in the face for beginners, Level 1 sellers, when they have to build reputation which should lead to sales increase...


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I totally understand what you mean because this happens to me too but I don't think there is much you can do as people just don't seem to be interested in leaving reviews and yes it is very annoying to wait 5 days for the order to be marked as completed.

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