Help me to boost my credibility on web/social networks

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Help me to boost my credibility on web/social networks


Is there anyone who can give me advise on how to boost my professional credibility online, both creating traffic and drowning attention to my website, and promoting my social networks account?
What are the key steps to do, and much can cost me?

Is there anyone to help me?


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Hello 3rdwitch,
What you're looking for is basically brand building, which happens to be my expertise.

So to start off I would first like to ask you:

  • What are you doing today?

Building your brand, increasing awareness and boosting traffic is a huge process and it often involves several things. These things also leads naturally to increased credibility and building reputation too. Are we talking about you 3rdwitch on SEOClerks, Facebook, Twitter or as the real person you are?

What are your end goals? - Do you want more fans to a fan page, more followers on twitter, more likes and comments on your content on Facebook? - All these things would ultimately lead to a better understanding for any experts perspective and they wouldn't or at least shouldn't give you any offers at all at this time, as they have too little information right now. - Which also makes it impossible for me to give you an average cost for these sort of things.

Your professional credibility online. What is that exactly? - Are you a social media seller? - A SEO expert? - A talented designer? - Or are you in fact a middleman who's reselling products and services?

Let me know and I'll help you as much as possible!

Best Regards,

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Thank you so much for such a clear, and in-depth answer. You surely cleared up my mind on the subject.

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Well this is a big question isn't it?

You don't say what type of website you have?

Anyway I guess it isn't really important since the process would be the same. Make sure you are always creating new and fresh content on your website.

I would advise you to sign up for the main social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram and of course Youtube!

Then continue to share your new content on your social networks. Engage with other people and you will see your audience and website visitors growing.

You can also focus on your on page SEO which will bring in organic search traffic and then you can boost your efforts by ordering relevant services here. There are also loads of social media services here, but my advice is to build up your own real following and avoid any services where you buy followers and subscribers. Rather build your own following naturally and then boost your efforts using services where the seller actually shares your content socially.

Personally I can't see how having bots and fake followers will help you to grow your business.

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I would recommend to build up your LinkedIn profile to as best as you can, I personally found that LinkedIn can help a lot from a professional point of view when you have articles published, your work history detailed and recommendation is hard for people and potential clients to ignore that.
If you construct your other social media profiles around the same level of professionalism as you may do on LinkedIn, you are good to go. Keep in mind that building relationship is the first step into getting new clients.

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Another good question to ask is:

Why do you want to boost your credibility? Why do you think that you're not credible, and why would others deem you as not credible?

I think if one wants to boost their credibility then they need have proof that they can do whatever it is that they say they can do. As for social media, it all depends on what profession you're in. If you're a programmer, a good way to boost credibility would be to use sites like StackOverflow, and help other developers. Just get your name known for the niche you're in, and you'll build credibility almost instantly. Start small, and work your way up. Help me to boost my credibility on web/social networks

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There are many ways in which you can make your presence on most of the social networks known. I would be listing and explaining just one of them.

i) Making quality contents on your timeline: Quality post on the type of services you offer can go along way in sending that message to your friends that you're really good at what you do. I mean you need to always teach them about the pros and cons of the services you render and that way, most of your friends would like to identify with you.

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First off, be it known that boosting your credibility means enhancing your reputation and getting that desired impression takes time. Character build-up is all about what you give. Make good posts, sensible with relevant information, creative statements and good grammar not to mention the spelling. I, for one, is turned off when the grammar and spelling is bad, that will stain your credibility. With the information, never post fake news or false information. Readers are now always on the lookout because fake news is getting prevalent. In other words, make decent and informative posts.

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