Google will certainly prohibit bogus information websites from using AdWords Debate

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Google will certainly prohibit bogus information websites from using AdWords

Recently, Google declared that certain types of resources from an AdWords perspective will ultimately be shut down for websites which advertise phony information, they have a plan that could reduce the traffic potential for websites and blogs which claim and promote hoaxes type news on websites such as Facebook.
Google will certainly prohibit bogus information websites from using AdWords

This verdict arrives at a crucial time for the technology industry, as their important participants have come beneath huge pressure for not taking necessary action in preventing fake news from proliferating throughout the internet while in the US election this year.

It is believed that, granted the popular elements of the bogus information online, search engines and social networks had been tricked by certain elements directly influencing the results of the US elections. Keep in mind these fake news actually went viral like wildfire during the election.

"Moving forward, we will restrict ad serving on pages that misrepresent, misstate, or conceal information about the publisher, the publisher's content, or the primary purpose of the web property," - a Google spokesperson said.

There is actually a lot of controversy regarding how Mark Zuckerberg responded and acted upon fake news on Facebook, some people might actually leave FB because of this on the long run.

If the social feed doesn't provide accurate information and is actually influencing real life and political events should FB leave those sites get even more views or should it listen to some of its user and ban those websites?

What do you think? When and why would freedom of speech be restricted?


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I'm all for freedom of speech, but I'm highly against telling lies for your own benefit. And that's what a lot of these fake news websites are doing. They're pulling people in because they posted some snippet of fake information on their facebook page or website and capitalize on the people who click through. This is just a form of click bait and it's annoying. If someone wants to run a legitimate news website, I'm all for it, go nuts lol. But if someone is setting up one of those fake tabloid type websites just to get traffic to false claims that can't be backed up, it's annoying and should be removed from the world, not just the internet lol.

I've been a victim of click bait like this in the past, and I hate myself a little every time it happens. I just yell "Damnit! You got me again!" because I was dumb enough to click through. I've been working online for a long time, since 2003, and even I fall into these click bait schemes. So just imagine how many people who aren't use to this click bait crap are getting pulled in and actually sharing what they stumble upon. They're probably thinking "Oh Sh*t! I just read that Hillary Clinton is actually a man! This needs to be shared to every platform I'm registered on!!!!" It's sad, but it does happen and that's exactly how this kind of crap spirals out of control.

Some of it is funny, but that's one of the main reasons it will go viral. Someone will see it as a false claim, share it with their friends because they should laugh too, and some of those friends take is seriously and the virus spreads even more.

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I don't spend much time on Facebook anymore because there is just too much rubbish going around. Yes I have my Facebook pages and yes I go and see what my sister and her son in the UK is up to and check for new pics of my nephew for example... but other than marketing my websites and keeping up to date with immediate family I am honestly finding Facebook less and less appealing on a personal note.

I am tired of being inboxed MLM offers, tired of being chatted up by people I don't know... tired of joining groups and finding it is just a rubbish spam fest. I am oh so sick of all the affiliate links flying all over.... doesn't anyone know how to do affiliate marketing correctly?

And yes there have been so many times I have seen so called news that is absolute rubbish, or clicked on a link that says one thing and I arrive on a completely different website to what I expected.

Seriously it does need to end. I say good on Google, the internet is just too full of rubbish and anything that is done to cut that down is great in my eyes.

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