5 Free Web Developer Tutorial sites for Complete Rookies to Learn Web Design and Development

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5 Free Web Developer Tutorial sites for Complete Rookies to Learn Web Design and Development

Hello all. In one of my last discussions I asked about web development and whether you should outsource your web development or learn to DIY?

So far, the responses in that thread are I think what most people would say. Either learn to do it yourself, (if it's not too hard), and then do-it-yourself. Or if it's too hard, just outsource it to someone else and pay a web developer to do it for you.

But let's face it, it can be a bit of a minefield finding a good web developer these days. There are some good, some bad and some ugly ones. There's those genuine, ethical guys that charge fair prices. And there's those that charge astronomically high prices!

And what's more, just because someone charges a high price, doesn't mean they wont do a good job of it and those that charge low prices don't mean they will do a good job of it and do it on time and all that like a good web developer would.

It can be a trivial thing to get the right web developer and designer for your site. So it pays to shop around and take your time. Use real reviews and recommendations, ask for suggestions and get people, businesses to send you their offers before you settle on someone based on their price and trustworthiness or ratings and recommendations.

But if you're the type that likes to learn how to do it yourself, no matter how hard it is. And the harder it is, the more you want to learn how to do it. Or perhaps you're someone that likes to bootstrap from the ground up and want to learn much more about web development and coding languages. Or even if you're someone that just wants to get a good foothold onto the basics to intermediates to other expert web dev skills and tools.

You know because they're quoting too high a price and you could save money learning this and doing it yourself. But on top of that, you'd also possibly be able to provide those same high priced web development services to other people too. 5 Free Web Developer Tutorial sites for Complete Rookies to Learn Web Design and Development

Then if that sounds like then here are some great free resources of some of the best free web development tutorials for web dev rookies to get up to speed with!

1. Codecademy

Quite simply, Codecademy is the best site for learning web development and all the ins and outs of HTML and CSS coding by the way it just takes you by the hand and walks you through each step of learning and tapping you on the back when you complete the tutorials. Codecademy is the equivalent to going to university and learning HTML and CSS in a few months, only much quicker in the comfort of your own home. Through Codecademy you'll learn all about how HTML and CSS works from easy to advanced levels and they cover many different topics from JavaScript Rails, AngularJS, ReactJS, the Command Line, Git, SQL, Java, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, Ruby and API's. Codecademy provide an insane amount of free tutorials and learning material. And they offer upgrade to more advanced learning from around $20 per month which is amazing when you consider how much a university degree can cost.

2. Udacity

What do you want to learn today? What's your dream job?

To understand Artificial Intelligence? To learn Data Science? To learn programming basics or even autonomous vehicle technology? To learn how to build websites and develop for mobile? With topics that cover Programming, Computer Science, Math & Science. And many free online courses from the likes of Don Norman the Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman. Udacity make it easy to learn in your own time about the things you care about or are interested in the most.

5 Free Web Developer Tutorial sites for Complete Rookies to Learn Web Design and Development

3. W3Schools

Anyone that has worked on their website before will have eventually come across W3Schools Online Web Tutorials! It has so many different tutorials that also cover many different parts of coding and developing from HTML to CSS, Javascript, Web Building, XML and Server Side languages. W3Schools is famously known for it's "Try it Yourself" approach that lets you see your code working in action all real simple like and helps with reinforcing those tutorials in mind.

4. WPTuts+

WordPress is a very popular platform and it can pay to know your way around it. You might know how to use WordPress but do you know how to do things like create WordPress plugins and develop WordPress themes? WPTuts+ is dedicated to just pure WordPress development learning. WPTuts+ is now owned by and integrated into which also has many tutorials on all things coding and will help you to improve your coding skills and workflow!

5. HTML Dog’s HTML Tutorials

HTMLDog has been around for years! I remember checking out this site many many years ago when I was breaking into webmastering. Over the years it's upgraded its HTML tutorials to line up with modern web development and design standards. They have beginner, intermediate and advanced HTML tutorials. Including CSS and Javascript tutorials, as they all go hand in hand with each other. And techniques, examples and references. Trust me, spend a few days on HTML Dog's site and you'll be feeling like a pro web dev by the end of it!

Okay my compadre's! That's 5 great free Web Developer Tutorial sites for Complete Rookies to Learn Web Design and Development with! I hope you'll enjoy this list and find them useful and they go on to making you into a professional web developer! Or they just help you learn how to do something yourself instead of paying for it!
5 Free Web Developer Tutorial sites for Complete Rookies to Learn Web Design and Development
I do actually have, use and know about several other great sites, both free and paid for learning all things web design and development. But that's for another post! Let me know if you want me to post them as well.

Do you use any of these great sites and resources for learning all things web design and development?

What other great free sites and resources are there you know of?



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Oh I have used W3schools for a few years now. Ok not like other people use it I'm sure but if I need to know how to write a line of code for something I go and look up there how to do it. I am not talking about like coding a website, a plugin or a script... more like how to add an image to my sidebar that clicks to an external link and that sort of basic thing that you guys can probably do with your eyes closed.

I like to be able to do the basics myself but when it comes to building a website I will do it on a basic website builder or I will get someone to do it for me.

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Thank you for the share Mike! I've actually made a few websites hundreds of years ago, in html. It was kind of easy as you could literally just take the source code from any website out there and just change it a bit. Nowadays, or for the last 10 years or so, I've basically never touched a website at all, so these tips are awesome. I'll have to bookmark this page so I can find it when I've got more free time to play around with things. Until then, if I ever need a website or anything like that, I'll just need to hire someone to do it for me. 5 Free Web Developer Tutorial sites for Complete Rookies to Learn Web Design and Development

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Hundreds of years ago eh Andre? I used to do that sort of thing. I used to browse sites and think, oh that would look good on my site then try to "reverse engineer" it to see how it worked and then try and put it into practice on my own site. And for most parts, that's how you learn, by doing. It's like as a kid how you used to pull all your toys apart to see how they worked on the inside. It used to mean that my toys didn't work and I'd always be left over with a few spare screws or springs at the end of it but at least I'd know the mystery of how it worked!

These days it's so much easier to learn how to code or to learn how various parts of a website work simply be the sheer amount of stuff that's out there on sites like these. Another thing is that you can spend thousands of dollars on college or university degrees in web design, and you do get an official certificate you can use as leverage to get a job in that industry. But these sites basically teach you all of the same stuff but for free.

For that reason, there are a lot of self-taught web developers out there that know the same amount or equivalent to those people that have paid for all the courses and teachings and can do the same thing for you but cheaper. Should you ever need to go down that route. 5 Free Web Developer Tutorial sites for Complete Rookies to Learn Web Design and Development

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Haha yeah Mike. "Hundreds of years ago", I mean, it's probably like 17-18 years ago or so.. And that's literally hundreds of years.

I can totally see why these self-taught sites are an excellent choice to either fine-tune or to learn everything from the basics and further yourself. - It's a shame that time is limited. I wouldn't mind having 12 more hours each day, that would be awesome. If you need how to get a remote as Adam Sandler are using in his movie "Click", let me know! - I'm in desperate need of a "pause" button. That would be awesome!

Anyhow, I'll let you if and when I need something! 5 Free Web Developer Tutorial sites for Complete Rookies to Learn Web Design and Development

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Interesting, and for those who want to learn how to do it these will surely come in handy. For me coding and programming is just like arabic! I never managed to understand even the most simple things unfortunately. So probably i would have to outsource such a job.

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I don't use them, I'm more interested in developing video tutorials and courses for newbie web developers rather than go through things I already know.
I have a friend doing this already and his earning quite an important sum of money every month by offering courses on udemy and other similar platforms where the teachers are getting paid by students or where the platform pays content creators to post videos and tutorials.

Thanks for sharing this list! I'll check it out maybe I'll discover some opportunities.

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I've tried Codecademy, Udacity and W3Schools; they are wonderful places to learn coding and computer programming for free. Udacity, in my opinion is the best, they've got videos and not just written lessons.

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