Learn how to code a website or some programming.

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Learn how to code a website or some programming.

When I started working with websites I thought the coding and programming was pretty easy. Soon I realized that I was completely wrong and a drag and drop builder was not actually designing a website lmao Learn how to code a website or some programming.

After I learned what HTML, PHP, CSS, and many other things were that revolved around how a website functioned, I wanted to learn it all. The only problem was that I had no clue what I was suppose to learn first and even were to start when I did.

I was asking around and I learned that there was a website called which lets you register and learn whatever you want, for free Learn how to code a website or some programming. I registered and started to learn PHP, but then I thought that I should know HTML first in order to get a website up and running. So after a few days of PHP I switched over to HTML and started going through the courses.

The steps are all very simple and give you guides along the way. It's basically like someone is holding your hand through every step along the way like an actual teacher would. You can go at your own pace, which is awesome, and at the end of every sub section of the course you can test yourself on what you learned. This little test isn't "Design a website in 20 minutes" it's more like "Make a hyper link with anchor text" and then "Make a hyper link with anchor text than opens in a new tab when clicked". Now that's just an example, but you get the idea Learn how to code a website or some programming.

Sadly I couldn't complete my HTML course because I started getting very busy with work and didn't have time. I'll most likely have to start over and refresh my memory on what I learned because if I jump in where I left off I feel that I'll have forgot something and I'll just have to go back anyway lol.

So go check out if you're looking to learn a design or programming language.

Here's a list of what courses they offer:

  • Learn JavaScript
  • Learn Rails
  • Learn AngularJS
  • Learn ReactJS: Part I
  • Learn ReactJS: Part II
  • Learn the Command Line
  • Learn Git
  • Learn SQL
  • Learn Java
  • Learn HTML & CSS
  • Learn JavaScript
  • Learn jQuery
  • Learn PHP
  • Learn Python
  • Learn Ruby
  • Learn APIs

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I pretty sure I can solve most HTML and CSS problems, I've taken a real course at some point and learned the basics. Even though the course material was very old and didn't help my right away although it solidified a based on which I now rely greatly when doing SEO.

My next step would be learning some good old PHP and after the evolve on learning cool frameworks like Laravel because I think the future of all websites is pure, clean and optimized code.

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Codeacademy it seems a great place to learn coding, even thought I've never took any programming course online, actually I've learned everything by myself, the only teacher that I had was the Internet.

Coding it's not hard if you really want to learn it, dedication and patience is everything that you need, those courses are a great way to learn coding specially if it's something that you love, but the most important thing is that, anyone who want to start coding should know which programming language is going to learn.

Taking multiple different programming courses it's not something that I recommend, because once you learn a programming language it's not hard to switch or understand how other languages works.

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CodeAcademy is an awesome website to learn about various coding languages. It's a great way to get an overview and basic guide on how those various languages work without having to get too deep into things which can often get overwhelming. It does start you off with the absolute basics at first which is good because you need to learn about how those languages work as well as all the various tags and things that make up part of that language when it's actually working.

I've seen it before but never actually joined up. I've just registered now though and will try and go through the courses a bit more when I have a bit more time. What I like about it is you get your own profile and on that profile it shows what courses and lessons you've taken and how much of it all you've completed. It will show what skills you've gained and any badges that you've earned.

I guess you could use this to show that you have some of those skills and knowledge in those languages by showing your CodeAcademy profile to potential buyers of your coding services or even to potential employers. Obviously it's not quite the same as having actual certificates to show you are an expert but if you do complete them all and they show on your profile then that's something at least.

Here's my profile.

So far I have 0 Skills completed and only 1 Badge but I'll try to get on from time to time and take their lessons as I wouldn't mind brushing up on and learning about all the different languages they have that you can learn about.

Great site!

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Oh Razzy this is way cool. I have actually heard of before but I always assumed that it was paid courses so I never bothered to go and have a look.

I have never wanted to be a coder or a programmer but I have on occasion needed to know how to do some basic coding to do something for my website such as add an image into my sidebar that opens a link in a new window. Whenever I have needed to figure out something like that I have gone to and I have found that website very useful.

I can certainly see how having a profile there where people can see what your skills are can be very useful. I might consider checking this out. Thanks for this amazing free resource, very nifty.

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I love codecademy and w3schol. I have learned most of the things on these two resources. As you can see these resources are what brings the most knowledge. And it also helps keep you in the know how. In that context it'd be reasonable to learn from such sites. And also most of the youtube channels get you to learn things too. For example, I have learned R Programming tutorials through some of the channels on the youtube. Some can be easy to learn with small videos.

And if you want you can join Lynda and the Pluralsight. As those two companies are really good with the content. So it's fun to make use of them.

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When I started working on websites, I had zero knowledge of programing. I had tried wordpress on various writing sites and I knew how to use wordpress site, therefore, I create my sites on wordpress. The best thing about wordpress is you do not have to do coding. You can choose a theme, have some important plugins and then build contents, your site can be ready just in 20 minutes. Two years on, I am thinking to learn to code. Without any coding, your site will remain primitive.

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