How To Come Up With Good Keywords?

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How To Come Up With Good Keywords?

Alongside with my other topic about how you find competitors keywords, I'm going to ask you this:

  • How do you come up with good keywords?

First of all, I need to find out my competitors keywords which is the reason for my other topic, but I would also like to know how you can come up with "better keywords" so to speak.

I mean, most of my competitors have probably been using the "best ones" already. - So I'll have to outrank them using the same keywords, and/or, use other, similar keywords, which haven't been used as much.

How do you guys do this? - Is there any tools you can use or is it pure imagination?

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Well I really believe that there are so many great keywords and phrases out there just waiting to be found. With playing around you are bound to come up with some really good keywords.

I really love keyword research and I can spend hours playing around with my keyword tool. What are you currently using for keyword research Andre?

Here is a great post that Razzy wrote giving tools for bloggers to get content ideas, which I really enjoyed. I am still hunting for one that Mike either wrote or commented on with websites that give some really great keyword ideas.... Need to find that post... Mike?

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In all honesty Lynne, I don't use anything as I don't do any keyword research, (shame on me).

But I've always wondered, how do people come up with keywords? - Are they doing it the same way as I would come up with a title for my ebooks? - By playing around with some words, using their imagination or do they actually use some sort of tool to find out good keywords to rank?

I bet you'll benefit a lot by using some sort of tools, but I can also see how pure imagination could be a superb thing, as the brain is after all the best tool we have.

Thank you for the link to Razzy's topic. I must have missed that one. I appreciate it! How To Come Up With Good Keywords?

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If your competition has "taken" the best keywords it means you also need to take a piece of that action, otherwise, you don't have a chance!

Start by researching for long tail keywords your competition is currently ignoring, make sure you rank for those on good positions before moving to their own keywords and trying to have better content and bigger link building campaigns to outrank them.

I agree that some keywords can rank easily than others, is your job to research those keywords and implement them before your competitors get even stronger.

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When Adsense in Youtube had changed their policy to restrict the revenue sharing to those with 1,000 subscribers or more only, we had to scramble to get that number. The keyword was our own refuge because we had no idea about the backlinks of the video. To be honest, we were only guessing with the keywords and until now we are still not well versed with coming up with the good keywords.

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