How To Find Out Keywords Competitors Have Ranked?

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How To Find Out Keywords Competitors Have Ranked?

Hey guys,
I want to know the easiest way to find out my competitors keywords?

It seems there's literally endless of keyword tools you can use, "semrush keyword tool" among hundreds of others. - I'm looking for one, good, reliable option.. And I would obviously prefer if there's a free option.

As I am by no means an expert on the subject I would also appreciate any guidance I could get on this, more of a step-by-step explanation.

I'm aware of most of the competitors already so I would need to find out the keywords they've used, and I would also like to know if it's possible to outrank them.

Anyone? How To Find Out Keywords Competitors Have Ranked?


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Oh I am going to be very interested to check out what the SEO experts say about this. I have never paid too much attention really to my competition and what keywords they are ranking for.

I think you can do some of that on Moz and I know there are some tools like Semrush that do it but I have never really put it into practice.

I do some competitor analysis sure, but that is only when I am doing keyword research. Once I have narrowed down a few keywords I would like to target I see who is ranking for those keywords and then I analyze those posts to see what my chances are of beating them.

That is kinda the reverse of what you are wanting to look at though.

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Thank you very much for your reply Lynne, I appreciate any help I can get. I can see why people would do it like you've suggested here and it's definitely valuable information so I'm very grateful and I do appreciate your time.

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First of all, I personally look at the competition myself to assess the situation, I manually make a list of potential keywords they might rank for or what they want to rank for, run them through keyword planner to see how much monthly searches they have and archive everything into a list.

But the best tool I'm using to look at the competition is Ahrefs, just perfect for seeing exactly what the competition ranks for and on what position! Ahrefs also has the best backlinks checker of all the SEO tools out there, you can easily discover what makes you competition tick and what plan you need to implement to outrank them.

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I guess the listing of possible keywords that your competitors are using is one logical means of making a calculated guess. But first I understand that you have to check the search engine’s list first so you can see the latest actual ranking and determine the real competitors. Take note that sometimes there is a hype that a site will rank high today but the ranking will slide to the bottom tomorrow. Checking the list every day to monitor the stability of the competitors is also needed I guess.

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