Success Journey To 10 Million Subscribers On YouTube

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Success Journey To 10 Million Subscribers On YouTube

While i was looking today's Google trends i noticed that this video named "10 MILLION FAMILY MEMBERS!!" is trending and title made me curious what the heck is it about Success Journey To 10 Million Subscribers On YouTube Well after watching it, i have to say this is great! Motivational! And way to go for all youtubers who looking for big number of subscribers.

This guy made his history from 1 million subscriber to 10 millions and shared his joy. I never watched any of his videos before, but i subscribed too, because there must be something interesting while he is so popular.

Watch it. It may give you idea what to do if you running nice YouTube channel:


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Oh yeah, RomanAtwood! I've seen most of his videos on youtube, there are some really nice pranks in his channel. I didn't know that he hit 10 million subscribers, but I know that he's a very popular youtuber, and he got what he deserved. This was really a cool video, thanks for sharing! Success Journey To 10 Million Subscribers On YouTube

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Oh wow, imagine having that many subscribers? How awesome. I watched that video and you know what I think? He just seems like a really nice guy with a really nice family.... and he obviously has a winning recipe with his videos. I had a look at his channel and it looks like his main this is prank videos.

I didn't have a chance to check them out though. Thanks so much for this video Abid, it really is motivational for me since I am trying to build my channel up at this time.

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Man i have been watching this guy for a long time. He is the first one to do a 360 Vlog and he is great! The pranks that he does sometimes are out of this world but always funny as hell. I want to mention two of them and just post the videos here. He has this one where he pretends to pee on a Fararri with a water bottle and the owner goes crazy! I dont want to give it all away but here is the Video Below:

The second one that is by far one of the funniest videos i have ever seen is a prank of a Little buzz. He goes around the streets and he goes up to cops and he asks them if they want a little buzz to make the job a little easier. Again i wont say to much check it out below

Awesome topic Roman Atwood is a genius and im glad he made a debut on Seoclerks. Thank You for sharing.

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This is truly amazing. At the time I'm writing this he's already up to: 10,147,119 subscribers!! - That's insane!

I've watched tons of pranks from Roman and I think that most of them are hilarious, but he's also kind of pushing it a bit. I mean, he's done some serious, crazy and kind of weird things too.. - But hey, he's famous and he has a reputation and millions of followers to entertain.

That being said, just imagine how a regular day for him would be. I bet he takes his video camera with him at all times, filming the most boring, weirdest and most random things he could possible see, and then makes some huge edits too it. - I mean, how does he come up with all the ideas?? - It's amazing.

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I personally don't really like the guy enough to actually subscribe but it seems he has a nice family and its YouTube story is very inspiring.

I remember another youtube that did videos with his family, he name was Shay Carl and was pretty popular on YouTube for a while.Kinda strange to leave a part of your life filming yourself and uploading everything to youtube, it can also be very very profitable, I be they are making quite a lot of cash with 10 million subs.

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I've been watching Roman for a long time now and he's definitely one of my favorite Youtubers. While I sometimes think his "happiness" is faked for the video I do like how he stays on top of things and manages to put out a video almost every day. That's no easy task!

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I’d say getting that many subscribers is one lucky hit. Just like in show business, there is that thing called x-factor which means it is an undefined reason why a an actor or celebrity becomes popular. With videos on YouTube, they are on the same vein that you need luck to have a trending video much more get many subscribers. I know of people who have uploaded so many good videos, funny, controversial, or even dramatic but they failed to get a thousand views nor a thousand subscribers. But I believe with perseverance so it is all right to push with your ambition and upload as many videos as you can.

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