How to get more Youtube subscribers?

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How to get more Youtube subscribers?

I’d say getting millions of Youtube subscribers is one lucky hit. Just like in show business, there is that thing called x-factor which means it is an undefined reason why a an actor or celebrity becomes popular. With videos on YouTube, they are on the same vein that you need luck to have a trending video much more get many subscribers. I know of people who have uploaded so many good videos, funny, controversial, or even dramatic but they failed to get a thousand views nor a thousand subscribers. But I believe with perseverance so it is all right to push with your ambition and upload as many videos as you can.


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I do believe that luck is a major factor .. thanks for sharing

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Actually, it's fine, you can shorten time to get 1000 subscribers for monetization in this way but your videos won't get many new views or engagement from them. They can be real but from the exchanges group with different niches.
In another hand, if you choose a low-quality provider, they would bring you cheap subscribers and it normally drops after a few days. This can be the reason that makes your channel being banned by YouTube.

We are also selling high-quality subscribers so that's why we can understand what's good or bad for a channel.
You can also consider the way we work here, hope this helps you something.

Like other products, we are also using Social Media and Exchange Group to promote your channel to many audiences and get 100%, real subscribers.

They are real, from many countries and niches so that why they don't bring many views but still good at start reviewing for monetization.

If trying to enable monetization is your goal, it's really an advantage and chance for your channel.

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