5 Proven and Tested Methods of Making Your E-Commerce Site Stand Out From The Rest! Tutorial

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5 Proven and Tested Methods of Making Your E-Commerce Site Stand Out From The Rest!

Okay so yesterday I posted these Top Tips for Branding, Promoting and Marketing Your E-Commerce Site Properly. Which, if applied, will help your e-commerce store, site and brand to grow exponentially. But today I want to talk about some real, proven and tested ways to really make your e-commerce site and brand to stand out from the rest! 5 Proven and Tested Methods of Making Your E-Commerce Site Stand Out From The Rest!

Are you feed up of being shown up by your competitors in your niche? Are you looking to stand out from the rest, improve and strengthen your brand? Then you might want to take a look into your websites design, aesthetics and usability!

Your websites design is possibly more critical to gaining your potential clients respect and trust than you realize! As shown by some recent research into website design, websites that have a quality look and design to them are considered to be up to 80% more relevant and trustworthy compared to other sites in the same niche.

In fact, a poorly designed website can send a screaming message to your websites visitors and potential clients that you just don't care about your site. And if people think that about your site, they will probably think you don't care about them as well!

A poorly designed site will put people off from using and buying from that site and send them packing to a better looking site instead. The approach you take in how you design your e-commerce site will play a large role in making and keeping clients happy so your brand can grow.

So in order to be noticed from the rest of the crowd, here's 5 Proven and Tested Methods of Making Your E-Commerce Site Stand Out From The Rest!

E-commerce Tip 1: Always Add New Products
5 Proven and Tested Methods of Making Your E-Commerce Site Stand Out From The Rest!
When did you last add a new product to your site? Websites that add new products, services etc will naturally generate more repeat visitors and of course, appeal to a much larger audience of people. If you start off with only a few products in your online store, and never add any new products at all, ever, then people will stop coming back to your site to see what's new.

So this is the top tip for making your e-commerce site stand out - be sure to add new products and services to your e-commerce site regularly. Don't forget to advertise them on all your social media accounts, in your email newsletters and through other advertisements to maximize their selling potential.

Here's a clever tip, try to hold back on posting all your products at once, and slowly roll them out about once a week or once a month at least. Just to keep peoples interested piqued!

E-commerce Tip 2: Be Unique in Your Branding
5 Proven and Tested Methods of Making Your E-Commerce Site Stand Out From The Rest!
For any e-commerce site or brand to be successful and stand out from the rest, getting your branding right is absolutely pivotal and goes hand in hand with it. It can be tough going when there are so many other brands out there that are being competitive in pricing and shipping. But if you build a brand that people will come to trust, respect and fall in love with, then you'll be able to beat the competition and grow a strong and devoted customer loyalty state.

Being unique in your websites branding mainly comes down to; using the same logo and color palette throughout your site. And zeroing in on that one product that sets you apart from the rest. And then of course, focusing all your marketing, advertising and promotion methods on that one product or service. As an example of what I mean, you could try to "go green" (as a lot of businesses are today) and try to be more "eco-friendly" than your competitors are.

You could say you only use recycled and recyclable packaging or even say that you only use couriers that are eco-friendly too. The point is, use something that makes your personality shine through and make it something that your brand strives to ensure they stick to. People will appreciate the effort you've gone to and that will increase trust and sales just on its own!

E-commerce Tip 3: Provide Social Proof
5 Proven and Tested Methods of Making Your E-Commerce Site Stand Out From The Rest!
Image Source: 8 Simple Ways To Use Social Proof for Higher Conversions.

You can boost your e-commerce's brand and trustworthiness by offering social proof on your site. Social proof is basically just things like testimonials or repeated positive citations from other big brands that use your name.

Mostly this happens on social media, but you can make it show up on your site as well such as on a dedicated reviews or testimonials page. The best way to have these show on your website is to use a social media widget in your sidebar that shows the feed from your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram profiles. Some widgets even let you show only certain things so you could set it up to show only positive recommendations, feedback and citations from other big brands. When your customers (new and returning) see this, it will instantly give you a boost of credibility in their eyes helping to boost your e-commerce brand name.

E-commerce Tip 4: Show Off Your Personality

People are much more likely to remember your brand if you show a lot of personality. Compared to generic brands that don't really show any! Instead of using completely professional business-talk and lingo, put yourself in the shoes of your targeted audience and speak and talk like they do. Use their words and lingo and you'll not only catch the interest of those people, but you'll appeal to them as well.

Just think about some of the most innovative big brands today like Apple for instance, it's a very innovative and stylish product and the way they go about marketing is by being high-tech and stylish in their approach. Then take National Geographic, they are outgoing, inspiring and adventurous! And Progressive Insurance is a fun and playful brand and they use that to their benefit.

The point is, these brands have created a long lasting impression on people that competitors can't even come near to matching let alone beating. So try to find your personality and show it off! People will recognize it and that will help make your brand stand out even more from the rest of them in the same niche.

E-commerce Tip 5: Think Outside the Box
5 Proven and Tested Methods of Making Your E-Commerce Site Stand Out From The Rest!
It's important to stick with the current trending trends and keep an eye on your competitors (remember how I said you should keep friends close but your enemies closer?) It will pay dividends for your brand if you think outside the box and come up with something new that none of the other competing brands had thought of doing. That can mean stepping outside of the standard modern website design or some cookie-cutter design you downloaded from Theme Forest and paying for a much more unique and customized website design / theme.

Sure that might work out a little more expensive than just buying and installing some template or theme which you can of course modify according to your brands preference. But this is the sort of thing that really sets you out from the rest when people can see you've gone that extra step and could be the sole thing to add some real life into your e-commerce site! 5 Proven and Tested Methods of Making Your E-Commerce Site Stand Out From The Rest!


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Mike, I want to share with your guys a really a really great video I've watched today:
This guy, Ryan Stewart, great online marketer and SEO started an e-commerce website selling shoe laces! Seriously, this will blow your mind, he actually covers a lot of points you made in your both posts, he actually put everything into practice developing a new brand into an authority on its niche.

He also talks a lot about what content you should do and how thinking out of the box will help you a lot when competing with your direct competitors. For me, as an SEO this was very inspirational! He also talks how he saved a ton of money by doing thinks himself or just hire a really cheap freelancer doing very basic and simple tasks.

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Oh cool, thanks for sharing that video Cristian, I will check it out. I would think that starting off selling shoelaces you would have to be quite creative. Not exactly an interesting niche, but I guess there must be a market for it... we all wear shoes.

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Mike these are great tips!

When I had my online baby store I found that my visitors were always looking for new products and asking when something new was coming out. I made that mistake in my first year. I launched and never brought anything new out for a while. Then when I realized that I needed to bring in some new things to keep it fresh and exciting I brought out a bunch of products in one go.

The following year I had learned and even when I brought in a huge batch of new products I would leak them out over a period of time. I came to notice that my customers loved it when I added "Just Arrived" products. They would all flock in to see what was there and I found that I would make sales easier than bringing out a bunch of new things.

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Thanks Lynne. Yeah that's what it's all about. Keeping peoples interested piqued with new and tantalizing products. Then of course, after you add a new product, you can write and publish a blog post about it, then promote and SEO that for a while in these ways. Then rinse and repeat as necessary! 5 Proven and Tested Methods of Making Your E-Commerce Site Stand Out From The Rest!

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Yes that is basically what I started doing. You know what though? I wish when I had first started that online store that I knew what I know now... it would have made such a difference!

It is amazing the amount you can learn in the space of a few short years.

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I will be soon launching an ecommerce website on lingerie niche. Initially, I had thought to do direct selling, however, I could not gather funds to procure products, therefore, I have decided to do dropshipping at this moment. These tips will surely help me.

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These are great ways of standing out as an e-commerce site owner, it pertinent to work on one's personality, be truthful, honest and have a good reputation.Having a successful online business entails branding and rebranding one's business all the time.check out what the clients need and work towards achieving them to make them return to buy more.Great tips to aid businesses to grow.

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I am not confident with adding new products to make your site stand out because some customers may be loyal to your existing products. Take the case of toothpaste, we have been using a certain brand that no matter if there are new brands of toothpaste in the market with free sample in the supermarkets, we never entertained the idea of changing brands. And I know that we are not the only loyal customer in town. But maybe if you are unique in your branding then you e-commerce store can be more interesting than the other e-commerce sites.

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