How to protect WordPress blog and Adsense account from click bombing

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How to protect WordPress blog and Adsense account from click bombing

How to protect WordPress blog and Adsense account from click bombing

Many of bloggers in past lost their Adsense account and their earnings because they didn't know about click bombing. Well i was in same shoes while ago. Didn't even know someone would do this to someone else LOL.

How click bombing work?
Well someone from your competition or just some jealous people want you to loose your income, so they repeatedly keep clicking on your Adsense ads or use some click bombing software (bots) to do so. While you enjoying your nice looking Adsense stats and watching your income growing up, you don't even know someone is playing around to get you banned from Adsense. Hmmm.... So Adsense see your blog as fraud, registering your fraudulent activities and banning you out... Unfair, i know... But there is a cure and prevention for it, specially if you running WordPress blog!

How to protect your Adsense ads in WordPress blog from click bombing?
Thankfully, there is so many developers offering free and paid plugins for WordPress and there is most of situations covered when you need something for your WP blog. So there is also some free plugins which will protect from click bombing:

- Clickbomb-Protect is nice plugin which offer good protection from click bombing. Protects your Google Adsense account from malicious clicks and from getting banned. (check link for more details)

- Ad Logger Logs data about iframe clicks: can log clicks from Google AdSense, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter. Logs URL, IP, browser, and size of the clicked iframe.

There is probably more available and you can search them easy from your blog administration panel.

Hopefully this can save you some headache from loosing your Adsense income...


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Oh my gosh Abid, some people can just be malicious and nasty. I would be very upset if someone did that to me!

I am so glad that there are ways to get around someone clicking bombing my Adsense account. It is sad to see that this is such a common problem that there are plugins to combat it.

Surely such malicious behavior is illegal and if you could prove it you could sue the person for damages? I would hope so since it really is a horrible thing to do to someone else.

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Interesting post and thanks for the WP plugin recommendations. I've never experienced click bombing myself, although I've certainly experienced my fair share of what Google Adsense calls "invalid clicks" which I'm not paid for. However, if I ever suspected I was the victim of an Adsense click bomb attack then I would probably just remove Adsense from my sites altogether! I think that would be the safest way and I'd rather take a loss in earnings for a while until it stopped because they thought my account had been banned, than try and fight my way through it and put my hopes in and rely on a plugin to counter and thwart it and get permanently banned from Adsense altogether.

That makes me wonder as well, do those plugins come with any kind of guarantee or disclaimer? I'd imagine, hope and expect so because what if you was to use them during what you was suspected was some click bombing attack on you and then find that you was still to get permanently banned from Adsense program? Would you be able to sue those plugin developers for loss of earnings?

If I was earning a lot with Adsense, I wouldn't want to take that chance I don't think lol. I don't right now but still value my Adsense account and hope to put it to full use again some point in the future.

Have you / do you use these plugins yourself Abid?

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There is no guaranty and you couldn't sue them i guess, It's free plugins and i believe they implemented best possible way to protect you from click bombing as much it's possible....

Also i forgot to mention that my Adsense was not blocked, but one of my websites, which was click bombed few years ago, never had chance to recover and get ads to appear, though it's my busiest website and probably big loss, but back then i didn't even know that click bombing existed...

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Yeah I'm sure they have a disclaimer on their website that says that the plugin will be able to prevent most instances of click bombing.

Surely finding the culprit and suing them would be the way to go if you suffer a huge loss of income?

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I have a wordpress blog and I also worry about click bomb all the time. However, I did not know how I could secure my wordpress blog from click bomb. Thanks for sharing these plugins. I will check these plugins and install on my blogs once I log into my blogs.

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This is the first time that I’ve heard of click bombing and I didn’t know that you can be sanctioned when you do that. Worse, a competitor will do that to your blog so that it will be suspended by Adsense. Isn’t it a scary thought that you can fall victim to those unscrupulous competitors? That plugin called click-bomb protect looks good and it is probably a necessity.

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