SEO - Is it really THAT important?

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SEO - Is it really THAT important?

Freelancers and SEO experts,
We live in a world where SEO is as important as air to breathe. - High rankings, thousands of visitors and you'll quickly have a lucrative business or a passive income. - It sounds easy and honestly speaking, I don't think it's that hard to reach as long as you work towards realistic goals. That being said, it won't be as easy as it sounds. It never is.

Anyhow, what I wonder is, if SEO is THAT important as everyone claims it to be?

Let's say that I have other ways to bring traffic, potential clients and can generate sales even without SEO. - Let's say that I can bring all the traffic I need due to my advertising on various platforms and that I could potentially bring more traffic and generate more sales than I could possibly handle.

This is obviously not the case, I'm just trying to come up with a decent scenario..

So, with all that being said, would SEO be THAT important in such cases?

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Well are you talking about on-page SEO (content, design etc) or off-page SEO (backlinks)? But if you did have a way of generating traffic to your site and targeted buyer-ready traffic at that. And that was sustainable traffic. Then you wouldn't really have to do SEO to get good rankings to get the traffic no. However, if you did have that kind of setup and you was making money from your site by generating traffic to it in a way that didn't involve doing any SEO, then you could use the profits earned from it, to do SEO on your site, then get better rankings and then earn more money. And not just SEO either but advertising and promotion. Social Media promotion and such as that.

And of course, it's important to have multiple income streams to maximise on earnings. So if doing SEO was a way to go about doing that and earning more from your site other than the ways it's currently earning for you, then yes, it would be important to do SEO on your site.

Also look at it from another perspective. If you want your clients to respect and trust you, by having good rankings you can show that Google has ranked your site high and that can go quite far alone in the eyes of many Search Engine users that use Google to find your site.

Plus, if you don't have any way of earning with your site. SEO is like a fall back. As long as you do it right and do the right amount of it. It can help you so that your site does rank high and does make earnings. Also without SEO there would be no SEOClerks and that would just suck! lol SEO - Is it really THAT important?

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I think SEO is seriously important for making sales. We all know that nothing is original anymore and everyone does something that is already being done. Its really hard to set yourself apart sometimes in certain niche markets. I think when you have good search engine optimization it helps you stick out of the crowd and generate more sales. If someone can generate sales without SEO and just use word of mouth i think that is great. Do i think they should avoid SEO because they are able to do that? Absolutely not i think having both will do them justice. I am a firm believer in if you have more visibility you have more chance of converting sales. Yes i think that SEO is one of the most important things when is comes to any kind of marketing affiliate or otherwise. This is an awesome topic thank you for sharing.

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Well the main goal anyone has at the end of everything is to make money, so if you can drive traffic to your website and make sales without implementing any SEO then your goal is achieved isn't it?

However my personal opinion is that organic traffic from great rankings is the best kind of traffic you can get. So I would think why spend money and effort on banner advertising and social network marketing when you can put the same into SEO and most likely get better results.

The other thing is that if you rely on social media marketing for example, well then you are relying on an outside website to bring in your traffic. What happens if that website goes bang? It can happen... and what happens if for example FB decides it doesn't like your links like it has done to SeoClerks? Or FB decides your page doesn't abide by their TOS and you wake up tomorrow and it is gone?

Another thing to consider is that if you are relying on banner advertising or social media marketing you need to continuously be working on it. So if you are paying for a banner you will need to keep paying for that banner to get traffic, if you are posting on social media you need to keep on posting.

Once your website is ranking and has really strong SEO then if you don't do anything for a week or maybe even a month, that traffic will still keep coming in.

My belief is that everything should start with your website and anything else you do should support your website.

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This is not to say that SEO is that important because it depends on your objective. I agree that if you have lots of clients who are going to your site every day and they give you good traffic then that is fine. But if you want more traffic then you can resort to doing SEO work on your website to gain traffic from the search engines. One webmaster said that 60% of his site’s traffic comes from the search engines.

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