SERP or PageRank. What is most important?

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SERP or PageRank. What is most important?

I recently published a new topic: "?What is the difference between SERP and PageRank?"

And I would love to keep going in the lines of that, so this will be a question about SERP and PageRank, and which of those things are the most important.. - SERP or PageRank?

I've seen people selling blog posts and these sort of things and higher PR usually means that they'll charge you more money for it. A person who have a PR 2 site will charge less than a person who owns a PR 9 site. - Right?

That being said, I've also read that SERP is in fact much more important than PR. And they usually explain it like this:

You could have a PR3 site that hardly shows up for important keyword searches making it pretty useless because people won´t find it, and you could have a PR0 ranking on the first page of the search engines for keywords that bring in traffic, making it much
more valuable.

My question is.. SERP or PageRank. What would be the most important of these two?

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Definitely SERP over PR because I want top rankings more than a high PR lol SERP or PageRank. What is most important?

And since page rank isn't really a factor in the rankings anymore, I'd rather have high SERPs SERP or PageRank. What is most important?

Page rank use to be what everyone was chasing because the higher the page rank, the easier it was to rank for keywords in a short amount of time. I know people who had PR 6's and PR 7's and would put up a brand new article and it would be ranked in the top 10 for a low to medium competition keyword in less than 48 hours. They literally did no off page optimization and the article would be ranked and bringing in traffic SERP or PageRank. What is most important? But now that PR really doesn't matter, everyone is going after domain authority.

I myself use to chase the mythical PR 10 links to increase my rankings, but they are extremely rare and even if you could get a link of that quality, it was most likely a nofollow link providing absolutely no value to your rankings. I think my highest PR was 6 and it was pretty great. But with Google now not prioritizing websites with high PR, no one is really going after those links.

People still sell high PR links because there are still loads of buyers. But if all of their buyers found out that the links don't do as much as they did a year ago, the buyers are going to be extremely pissed off that they're dropping $100+ on a single link when it's value may be the same as a link they could post themselves on a blog with a lower PR but a higher authority SERP or PageRank. What is most important?

Buying links from sellers who claim they have High PR pages is risky sometimes because they oversell due to the fact that the profit potential is too great and they get greedy. Some of these sellers will sell 100's of these links and eventually ruin their own websites because of it. But they don't really care because they just made $10,000 on a website that they set up 6 months ago and paid a couple hundred bucks on content SERP or PageRank. What is most important?

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SERP is most important. Like Razzy has explained PR doesn't hold much weight anymore. Google does use Page Rank internally as part of their algorithm but Page Rank is not publicly available to anyone.

Page Rank was one of the many factors that went into the algorithm but with this score being available people put a huge amount of focus on it. and apparently Google was not happy with the results of this... here is a very interesting article on Search Engine Land about Page Rank and why it is now obsolete SERP or PageRank. What is most important?

I totally agree with Razzy, I would say domain authority is much more important to focus on.

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In the modern SEO SERPs or Page Rank or whatever other metrics are irrelevant, what dose matter is niche based organic traffic.
Of course, that means ranking well in Google when users type certain keywords, what is important is for your website to be as high as possible in the results because the highest Google will place you the highest your Click Through Rate will be and that in turn will drive more conversions/sales.

I believe SERPs and Page Rank are two different things, apples and oranges, you can't compare the two from the same perspective.

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From what I understand with SERP (search engine results page or most commonly known as search list) it is the main objective of webmasters in their search for more traffic. The higher the SERP of a site, the more chances it will have to gain traffic from the people who use the search engine for searching something. I think the Page Rank is not being used by Google anymore so it is already moot and academic.

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