Are website speed testing tools important?

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Are website speed testing tools important?

I've seen a serious trend among webmasters and website developers the last couple of years focused on getting good scores on speed testing websites like or

These testing tools will analysis your website or blog from very specific areas, giving you some general performance indicators like how fast your website loaded, page size, the number of request and things like that.
But also specific performance insights like the grade for leverage browser caching, minimize redirects, query strings from static resources and other stuff like this your developer should know about.

What I've found is that bought webmasters and developers will try by any means to trick these test and mask the problems just so they can get a good overall score.
The result will be a slow loading website from a user's perspective but that same website will score a 94 out of a 100 in these speed tests tools.

What do you think, should we optimize our website for users or testing tools? Is Google able to figure out the difference?


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You should optimize for users, of course, not tricking the tools although the tools are very helpful to optimize for users as long as you go about it not trying to trick the tests, legitimately using those tools. Optimizing for users means they will not bounce (or at least not bounce as fast), they will stay on your website and not become frustrated due to slow response times. Search engines will rank your pages higher and give more authority to your niche. This is what you want anyway, as a webmaster.

I like Google Insights for speed testing:

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Thanks for the speed testing tool. Knew about it some time ago, apparently it got a well-deserved update.

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Yes sir, speed testing tools are really important in today's website because we are the speed age, every thing is all about speed , and your website load speed maters allot to the users, so you should optimize for users.
It is very important for your website to be fast loading and reliable.

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For a website owner who has nothing much to do, I guess the website speed testing tool is important. Especially for mobile users who have little patience when it comes to waiting for the web page to be displayed in full, the website owner should be aware of that condition. The site may be losing a lot of visitors from mobile browsers. In that case the tool can tell you if there is a need to improve the design of your website.

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