Want your own Data Scientist? Get a Data Scientist! Debate

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Want your own Data Scientist? Get a Data Scientist!

I've recently asked about AI several times before here and there, on how whether it would be possible that AI could become so advanced, or so intelligent enough to learn and know all about SEO and how it works, as well as freelancing and everything that goes with it. And actually be able to do it for you, by just simply asking it.

How whether something like that, some AI system, could then threaten the SEO and freelance industry. And those that make money from providing/selling SEO and freelance services also. How? Because if there was an AI that knew how to do SEO and any freelance type service, and could do it in a much better way, and a lot quicker, it would put a lot of people out of a job!

SEO, is and can be both a simple and yet, a very complex thing. Doing the right kind of SEO for a site requires SEO knowledge and experience. It requires knowing about Google Algorithms and best practices. It requires knowing how to do off-page SEO like build links of all kinds. It needs to know about on-page SEO as well just as much.

And Freelancing is another kettle of fish. There are literally thousands of different kinds of freelancing services. Just take a look on the SEOClerks SEO Marketplace. According to the stats on Ionicware site, there are 370,475 services. And I've already posted recently some stats on how much money the Freelance industry turns over which is phenomenal.

Anyway, now we know that, imagine a computer you could talk to, not unlike Iron Man's computer J.A.R.V.I.S. where you could have an actual conversation with it the same you could with any human. With it making suggestions for you based on what you're asking. And obeying your instructions with the same will and obedience of that of the most loyal servant would.

Being able to tell it to do some SEO research and analysis of any website and within about 5 minutes it was able to know enough about it to know what the best SEO or freelance type service to do on it is, to know what keywords it's targeting and what it would require to get it ranking for those keywords. As well as any on-page weaknesses, broken links/pages and weaknesses and vulnerabilities, holes etc. And then offer you suggestions of things it could do for you for that website. Such as being able to keyword research any keyword and then create and write amazing unique content like people would and post some amazing posts on any keyword for you.

Well I believe something like that is on the horizon and will one day be amongst us. Maybe not to people like you and I at first. More to the super computer companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple etc. But eventually, this technology will be adopted by people and eventually, everyone will be able to have a super intelligent AI like this at their disposal.

Because the most important part of any business's focus is to empower their marketers with the technology to be able to make changes on the fly with minimal to virtually no input, oversee or support from a real human to be able to turn data into actual strategic implication and action. And to make that go from concept to working reality!

Especially for those that need some sophisticated system that can make the right decision on something and mostly make the right decision without having to pay for IT support staff. Or for creating content that actually makes sense and is useful for people as and when they need it like when searching for answers.

A new deep learning AI engine from BrightEdge could fit that bill perfectly. BrightEdge revealed its new DataMind AI engine at the Share16 event in San Francisco this week which they claim will give every marketer their own data collection and analysis scientist at their disposal. BrightEdge is a deep learning AI engine that can identify hot new trends and recognize potential threats in your site to seeing market shifts as they happen.

Want your own Data Scientist? Get a Data Scientist!

BrightEdge DataMind works with other BrightEdge products like their Content IQ and Intelligent Experience AI so that marketers can get free, fresh, up to date and accurate insights into running better content generation and marketing strategies. If that's a bit of a mouthful for you, it basically does all the leg work, brainstorming and guesswork of finding hot new trends which are in demand and worth targeting.

DataMind for marketers will be like having your own data scientist that has a wide knowledge of all things SEO and data collection and analysis, wrapped up with Content IQ and Intelligent Experience so marketers can know and then focus on the execution of dominating that new niche industry. DataMind will be the AI that can transform data into suggestions to power successful marketing strategies!
Target Demand

The BrightEdge Data Cube provides marketers with a web-wide understanding of billions of pieces of content and consumer intent. Now you can understand your audience and the demand for content across the content battleground.

Optimize Content

BrightEdge Content Optimizer empowers content authors with customizable recommendations that drive maximum content performance. Optimize 100% of your content to win at the time of creation.

Measure Results

BrightEdge StoryBuilder allows you to plan and run your content marketing campaigns based on their actual business performance. Flexibly and quickly understand the business impact of content marketing initiatives.

So as you can see, an intelligent AI that can do all the things a freelancer can do, that will know about all the facets of SEO and how to do keyword research and how to identify new trends and how to tap into those trends. And basically do everything for you to rank for them, is not just a concept or theory anymore. It's here right now already!

As a multi talented freelancer should you be worried?

Well I don't think it's going to put anyone out of a job just yet. Or actually resemble the just a really very intelligent system (J.A.R.V.I.S) from Iron Man. But DataMind will go on to help marketers to really get and stay on the pulse when it comes to knowing and dominating niches.

What do you think of DataMind Ai engine? Do you think it could grow into something like that or that something like that is on the horizon anyway?

Will you be making use of DataMind Ai?


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The SEO industry currently evolves at a rapid pace! Google's updates drives SEOs to learn and explore new ideas, so an AI that doing SEO is not too far away from my perspective. I don't think it will leave SEOs without jobs but it will definitely take over the boring part of SEO, helping people get statistics more accurately and much faster, the actual decisions will still be made by a human SEO as there are a lot of marketing factors one needs to consider nowadays and I don't think a machine is complex enough to do this sort of job.

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Artificial Intelligence is becoming more advanced everyday, and within some years I think AI technology will be able to replace any kind of job, a lot of big companies are investing on this technology as it's simply the future. Even though it's something that will improve and make our life easier, to do many things at once and much faster than a human can do, but it's also a kind of "risk" if this technology will be able to do things on its own. I've read some articles that researchers are trying to make AI to understand coding, imagine a software that can reproduce itself and code anything you want, it sounds impossible but it's not. Thanks for sharing, as always I love to read these things.

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Oh wow, that is hectic. I wonder how long it will take for something like that to be available to the average online marketer like me, like as in being available and affordable!

It would certainly then close the gap for a lot of the work that I outsource wouldn't it? And then yes it could stop some people getting work from me then wouldn't it?

While I do get that artificial intelligence is very much on the way and that it will replace a lot of peoples jobs I can help but wonder how many jobs would still be done better by a person than by AI?

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It seems like data science is a booming industry. And many people are getting paid more with the data science. So there is surely a chance that data science people get more options in this case. And they may get to do work on more options. On that context. I'd say that people should be working harder to learn languages like R and Python. There seems to be more demand for R because it is designed for the data science. And making dashboards and the showing of data is lot easier with it. Same can be said with python but it requires more work in due process.

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I think there's something to it. After all, a good AI will help simplify many tasks. Right now, SEO is all about understanding the data that you can find using a variety of tools on the Internet. The most important thing is to understand the data correctly and be able to apply it in order to show Google the content that it considers the best. Last week, I came across an article about data science and its importance for search engine optimization. I was impressed, because it was something that I had been walking around for so many months. It is quality data that gives you an advantage. In your case the AI will analyze this data and give the person a ready result

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