Google puts mobile searches as top priority

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Google puts mobile searches as top priority

Big news coming from Google this week. They decided to prioritize mobile searches and indexing over the desktop version.
Google puts mobile searches as top priority
As far as I understand the difference will be in how often Google index will be updated. Mobile will get updated more often and the desktop version will take longer to update.

So, how would this new turn of events affect our search engine optimization efforts?

Well, it basically means we will now have 2 Google indexes, meaning you may rank on first place for desktop places for a certain keyword, but if you lack AMP pages or your page doesn't load under 3 seconds, you may not rank not even on the first page for the mobile index.

Keep in mind the actual "breakup" hasn't happened yet but it will be live soon enough. If you weren't a believer already in website mobile optimization and how mobile has actually become, here is the ultimate proof! Get into mobile optimization if you want to keep that organic traffic flowing!


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Whenever I'm talking with an SEO client I'll always tell them that they need to have a responsive design. Some of them think I'm just trying to sell them snake oil, but they do absolutely no research and are in the dark when it comes to what they really need in order to rank on top lol.

I actually had someone call me on Thursday and wanted to sign up for an SEO campaign and when I told them that we would have to make their design responsive (mobile friendly) they got really mad and actually hung up on me. I'm trying to help them out but they get mad when they hear something needs to be changed lmao Google puts mobile searches as top priority

Google has roughly 70% of their searches coming from mobile devices now. I've even heard a few times that 70% might be too low and it could likely be closer to 80% which is crazy Google puts mobile searches as top priority Just think about it, 5 years ago we didn't use our phones to browse online as much as we do now. And now we pick up our phones when we want to research something and we don't open up our laptops or start up our desktops.

Some people won't understand that they will need to optimize for mobile, but they'll quickly figure it out when they're getting less traffic than before Google puts mobile searches as top priority Their competitors will flourish while they struggle to make the bill payments. And for that main reason of making money, I always have my designs and themes be responsive so that I'm always ahead of my uninformed competition Google puts mobile searches as top priority

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LOL some people are really funny aren't they? I have found that so many people are just so resistant to change. I remember my parents when mobile's first started with texts... my dad just wouldn't send a text. He has only now recently (and I mean within this year) started using texts!

Yes those numbers look about right. I think my analytics was showing over 60% in mobile searches when I checked a few months back so it has probably risen a lot more since then!

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Yes, Razzy, for some reason, some clients just think you want to rip the off when suggesting a responsive design, in their head, they think you want to take advantage of them by finding ways o charging them more.

It's their loss, better to stay away from clients like that, they'll just end up even more mad when they won't get ROI.

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Considering how many searches are made on mobile devices, there is no doubt that having a good mobile friendly site is very important. And this has been the case for quite some years now, basically since tablets became more popular and smartphones started to become the norm for most people. We have entered that era some years back and those businesses who have not bothered to invest in the design of a mobile friendly site and its proper optimization have been losing out. Now they are going to lose out even more considering what you are stating here. It is critical to invest in mobile site optimization because it is going to effect your customers outreach and sales even more now!

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Responsive design is the best thing that could happen to a website. The ability to emulate on every portable device is amazing. The price is a bit higher but if you want to keep up with the progress you have to invest.

Having a website nowadays requires constant attention and maintenance, is a continuous task.

Do you have an idea when they plan to do this breakup?

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I am just pleased that I had Abid take care of my one website for me now, I know it was struggling on the mobile responsive side before he worked on it. Now it is all good to go!

Geez so this news is quite a biggie. I knew that mobile responsiveness was a huge ranking factor and I have been hearing a lot about how it will be an even bigger factor in the future... but putting it above desktop search is huge.

I guess it is the way things have to go though, whenever I look at my Google Analytics I can see that most of my visitors are mobile.

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Well you don't have to be Nostradamus to have predicted this happening! LOL It seems only about right that Google would do something like this since there are more people using mobiles today and Google will go wherever the majority of people are going. At least they try to anyway. Google+ wasn't quite the success they wanted it to be but when it comes to search that's one area they well and truly have their fingers on the pulse of.

And people have been harping on about how you need a responsive, mobile friendly site for years now so nobody that wants to be a serious website that is taken seriously by both people and search engines can pretend they haven't heard that and can't complain when someone says hey look, this is what's happening today and Google rewards responsive sites that load fast and this is what you need to do. When that is the best advice anyone could give you today for free! Google puts mobile searches as top priority

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It makes sense I think, since the most traffic of the internet comes from mobiles phone. AMP is something that we really need, comparing old index with amp it has quite big difference when it comes to speed, furthermore implementing amp on your site it's not that hard so anyone can install it very easily, depends on the website of course as some of them need more work and coding knowledge.

Now, I've read a lot of different things about amp, and some says that amp is not a ranking factor, but it's hard to believe that because speed is very important when it comes to seo. However, we'll see if that is true over the time.

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The thread is over a year old and I am interested in knowing whether this is still happening at current. Is good indexing the same website twice, for the desktop version and for the mobile version? Website loading speed was always one of the SEO factors, so was website design (availability of mobile version). These are not new things. However, mobile indexing is something I need to know.

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My take on the internet is the direction towards the mobile browsers. Responsive website is a new term to mean the website design is capable of handling a mobile browser. And I have been writing in forums that mobile browsers are now dominating the internet. I, for one, uses my phone when I am not at home. At least I can check on my email and my work even when I am on the road. And now that Google is giving priority to the mobile searches, I think that is an indication of where the future lies, i.e. mobile browsers.

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