Ebooks about "how to make money" on marketplaces.- Do you think it's still a lucrative business?

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Ebooks about "how to make money" on marketplaces.- Do you think it's still a lucrative business?

There is no secret that I'm a product creator. I create ebooks and I do sell them for profit. I mainly sell my ebooks on Warriorforum and blackhat forums but I've also listed one of them on SEOClerks marketplace. - However, what I wonder is, do you think it's still a lucrative business to create these kind of guides or reports, about marketplaces and how you can become successful on them?

I've seen literally hundreds of these guides on warriorforum, and I still see some of them, but not as often as I did a year or two ago. - Do you believe the "prime time" so to speak is over when it comes to these kind of informational ebooks?

- Is the market saturated already or do you believe people have learned the necessary "tricks" themselves so they don't need to buy the guides?


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There are always going to be people looking up ideas and guidelines about how to make money online. However I think that this question is being asked less often than it used to a decade ago, for instance. Since then it seems many people have managed to find one way or another to earn something online. And there are many free guidelines, and reviews that you can come across online too. Not to mention tips that one may get from friends or relatives.

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I have to be honest here Andre when I see an eBook about making money online I usually sigh and think oh geez probably another pile of shit. Big writing, lots of spaces and full of unrealistic promises that will just crush a person when they don't get what they hoped and expected.

The free eBooks that are found online are even worse. Then you get all those shoddy PLR eBooks.... ugh...

That said I really loved your eBook, it was full of great information and well written. I think that your book is the exception though, not the norm.

Maybe people are tired of all the scams and rubbish products doing the rounds?

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I don't think there are many ebooks out there teaching people how to start selling services on marketplaces like SEOclerks. Chances are that most people willing to buy such ebooks already have certain skills they want to sell, so keep that in mind, don't write it for people that don't have any skills whatsoever, because you will have to go into detail on how the can actual develop certain skills like SEO for example, which will turn the ebook, into a very big ebook, lol.

Write it for people that are not familiar with marketplaces like this one and explain into detail how to set up their profiles, services and how to properly market them.

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Hey what a great discussion! Personally I think the eBook make money niche is as still in high demand and there are literally millions of people that would like to know how to make money online with some method or something. And so long as there are those people out there that want to know that, there will always be some people that will wrap something up in a nice package and sell it as the only and last eBook they'll ever need to buy again to have all their dreams come true and buy Lamborghini's and mansions and yachts and more! All worded in such a way as not to give away too much information about what it actually is they'll need to do to make that money but tons of positive points and calls to action to buy their eBook or buy into their system to start making money right away! And there will always be those people that are easily lead and a bit gullible and buy into that and purchase it with all these high hopes and dreams and visions of payments coming in just like they show on their payment proof screen shots. Only to find when they do, it's literally telling them to do the exact thing, to other people! :facepalm!

And each year, there seems to be ever more and more sites and things selling a make money guide eBook. All with ever more attractive landing pages, promises of huge wealth and vast fortunes and ever more sophisticate wording and more powerful call to actions than before. And the price of them seems to be going up more and more as well! However, truth be known, most of these are simply just rehashes of old make money guides! They are literally re-written or rehashed in some way, then repackaged differently and sold again! :facepalm!

However that's not to slander every make money eBook and resource out there that promises or warrants or promotes real earning potential by following their method and taking the advice they provide to help you do that within the purchased resource/eBook. Indeed there are some very good make money resources and eBooks out there that are genuinely worth the money they are sold for and can genuinely help you earn that back many times over if you apply the methods and work at it and do everything step by step for a much more genuine method that you can realistically do and earn from those provided methods in that resource/eBook.

And it's not just the make money niche. There are many many niches that are in high demand. Where you can provide people who work in those niches with solutions to some of the problems they are having in that niche. All you need to do is identify what some of those major problems people in that niche have that piss them off. Then find a solution to it and then provide that solution in an eBook resource which they can then purchase, download, read and find the solution to that problem for.

That is an excellent working method provided you can identify those problems and come up with a working practical solution for that makes them go ahh! This is exactly what I was looking for! And in helping them to fix/solve that problem they are having, they are getting something for their money of course. But it just goes to show that information like that is still and always will be in high demand. Ebooks about "how to make money" on marketplaces.- Do you think it

But these days there's just so much fluff out there! And so many fake reviews and shills and stuff you can't ever really be sure what's real just from looking at it. Every now and then, some guy who's been seeing some success from something he's been doing for years, writes and creates his/her own guide eBook on it. Sometimes these are well over promoted for what they are by ruthless resellers and affiliate marketers who prey on the naivety and desperation of people which sucks but is also a huge money spinner for some people lol.

So yeah, no. I don't think the prime time is over for selling eBooks.

As long as there are people there will be a need for information.

Appeal to their emotions, wants, and needs enough and there will be buyers of that information.

If it's packaged right! Ebooks about "how to make money" on marketplaces.- Do you think it

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Yeah, it could still sell considering the fact that people still buy books that teach on wealth creation and on how to make money. One good thing about such books is that anyone can go for it as long as they are able to see practical steps in it on the way to make money either through online business or the offline space.

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I also have books to sell and I sell my boks through Amazon. Actually, my books were published on Amazon kindle and Amazon createspace, therefore, I am selling my books through Amazon marketplace. I have never sold my ebooks elsewhere. The OP mentions warrior forums and blackhat forums as ebook marketplace. I have not tried these marketplaces, and I am interested in trying these alternative markets for ebooks. I have never written an ebook on how to make money. There is a money to be made on this niche, However, the main point is how do you say it on the title that your ebook is entirely different from rest of the books.

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The e-book is now a big industry because there is a big number of readers and also a big number of writers. Production of e-books is estimated to be in the thousands a day. Just like in any big market, you can sell your product and expect a sale when you are able to find a buyer. I just cannot say if the buyers outnumber the writers because if there is an over excess of supply then you already know what would happen to your e-book.

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