Connecting Instagram account to Facebook... you've got to try this!

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Connecting Instagram account to Facebook... you've got to try this!

I am quite new to Instagram and over the last two weeks I have decided to put some effort into figuring out how it works and I have shared that I am finding it very enjoyable and easy to use,

Every day I just take a picture of something or a video and quickly upload it with a bit of an explanation and some hashtags.

I added my mommy blog website address to my profile. The other thing I have done is follow and unfollow people, which I set my Mass Planner software to do for me on autopilot.

By doing this I gained over 400 followers and a good few likes and comments on the content I shared and I have had a few hits on my website bit nothing to get too excited about.

Now let me share what happened today... I saw a little thing that said connect your Facebook account to Instagram. I decided to give that a go and I connected my mommy blog Facebook page too.

It then showed me all my Facebook friends that are on Instagram so I can follow them. I couldn't follow them all so I did as many as I could in a short space of time... and then I took a photo of my son sleeping and shared it on Instagram.

Anyway the result was mindblowing.... I now have over 500 followers, yes an increase of about 50 followers in half an hour. Plus this image was shared on my Facebook page... which I didn't know it would do and the moms loved it!

That image has over 700 views on Facebook already in just minutes and people are commenting and I had some inbox messages on my page too.... since I mentioned about my son self soothing by sucking on his arm while sleeping and he has done this since being weaned.

I have now had questions regarding weaning which has given me the opportunity to share the post I wrote sharing the weaning experience.

I can now see how powerful this can be..... and I will be having a lot more fun playing!


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Thank you for sharing! That's the power of social media! If you can run facebook ads campaign, you will see many other amazing things!

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Oh yes that is something I want to try next. I saw on Instagram that I can promote my posts.. I love Facebook advertising and I have made use of it for a good few years and built up my Facebook page to over 40 000.

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This is awesome i remember a few weeks back you wanted information on how to update your profile and get your gram going. Im so happy that you did it and where able to find your friends on Facebook. We all know that Instagram is a great marketing tool for physical products. You also cut down on time because everything you post on Instagram will automatically post to Facebook now. I have my Facebook linked with twitter and every time i post on Facebook it automatically gets tweeted which keeps my twitter fresh. When you have multiple social media websites that you use its easier to just link them altogether to manage them easier. That increase of fifty followers in that short period of time is very impressive im glad you things are going so well for you. Great topic and i hope your success continues!

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Thanks Jkeyz... this morning it is now 570 so heading towards 600 followers fast. I love it when a plan comes together!

Yes I had my social networks connected too and it was a cool feature to use. but now that I am using Mass Planner I send some of the same content to different social networks but for Twitter and Facebook I have different campaigns set up for each profile.

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I'm curious, are you getting any traffic from Instagram? I found that few people actually check the profile link even if they are interested in what they are seeing coming from that profile.

I feel that Instagram can indeed drive traffic, but not in the traditional way we all expect. Also, you have a pretty hard niche to promote on Instagram, last year was all about selling fashion products and following models and trendsetters, but I guess as Instagram because more popular there is room now for other sort of promotion because different people with different interests had joined now.

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I used Instagram only for 5 minutes when I was looking for some shirts. I notice them on one of my friend's Facebook page, I had to make an account and log in and surf it for 5 minutes tops. I really don't get the hype about Instagram.

Just another social media platform to go along with the other 38429342 platforms. For me it doesn't work, I'm not saying that used properly it can't be useful but until now I didn't find it.

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I use instagram but I don't have the buyer intention on the network. So I am not sure how much selling from the instagram is going to work out. I can tell you that some of the options of the instagram are good and it can reach more people. I can't tell you how the facebook may be good option for selling things. As it has feature for both groups and pages. It can surely turn out to be a good option there.

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I have been seeing posts of my friends on Facebook with a description that the photos were posted in Instagram. Now I understand that you can connect your Instagram account with your Facebook account so that when you post in Instagram, it will also be posted in Facebook. Am I right on this? I still have to create my Instagram account but I am having second thoughts. With Facebook, I am having a hard time because I have no time anymore with my tight daily schedule. And it is useless to create an account in Instagram if I cannot give it time.

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