Mass Planner social media software

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Mass Planner social media software

There have been a number of discussions here at SeoClerks about social media marketing tools and of all the ones I have tried Mass Planner so far wins the race for me.

I have used Buffer and I loved it, but Mass Planner can just do so much more.

So what is it that Mass Planner can do that these other tools can’t?

Well for starters it will follow and unfollow people on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram so your followers increase. You can set all sorts of parameters for the people that your accounts follow so it is niche related.

On Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus it will find, join and unjoin groups for you based on parameters you set so it is niche related.

It will comment on favorite/ like/ share/ retweet other people’s content so that you are more visible.

You can set it to send out a happy birthday message to all your Facebook friends when it is their birthday so you don’t have to worry about wishing people on the day!

You can send private messages or a tweet to all your new followers too.

You can set up loads of different destination lists for all your social networks and set it to go out to your page, group of profile…

What I also love is you can set up a campaign and add in all your website content, then set it so that as soon as a post has been shared it is added back into that campaign so your content continues to be shared indefinitely.

For $9.95 a month or for $45.95 for 6 months I think that this is a bargain.

It is as close to autopilot as can be in my opinion, yes a little bit of work to set it up, sure but really then it is just about adding in any new content.

But here is what I don’t like:

  • It is software that is downloaded to your computer (I hate this, I prefer online tools)
  • It is not exactly user friendly, in fact it is awful to figure out how to work it in the beginning – or maybe that is just me, being slow and daft LOL
  • My pc must be on and connected to the internet all the time to keep my campaigns active (and this is why I prefer online tools)

What do you think of Mass Planner? What do you use and why?


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Yes, i am also searching for this tools, do you mean such as managing account ? are you found it already if you had found could you also notif me by inbox or else. because i am also very need it for urgent

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Hey Danigo, you just go to their website, the company is Mass Planner Mass Planner social media software

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Hmm okay. I would be try it
Anyway thanks for willing sharing this method, but i want to ask it is such software or just online site, is it quite improve some?

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Unfortunately it is software that you download Danigo. I personally much prefer online tools but it has made a massive impact on my business, in a really good way.

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