How Google RankBrain Works - Part 1

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How Google RankBrain Works - Part 1

Ok, last few months I've been a little obsessed with ranking for RankBrain. This is why I've tried finding way and methods to optimize websites for Google RankBrain.

How Google RankBrain Works - Part 1
For those of you that don't know what RankBrain I'll explain it in this post with some examples.

Let's say we have the following search queries:

  • Best HBO shows
  • Best shows on HBO
  • Good HBO shows
  • What to watch on HBO

Are all of the searches above are very similar, would agree? All the people doing all these different searches basically want the same thing: for Google to show them what to watch on HBO.

RankBrain will understand all these keywords are basically the same thing and will help users by giving them the best content out there.
But here is the catch: this can mean it will be the same content, the same website, and the same page, even though that content may not rank in the traditional on-page point of view for all these keywords.

I'll be explaining Google RankBrain signals and how Rankbrain will decide on what pages to rank first in my next post.


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This will be a major breakthrough for Google and for the webmaster. As far as I understand, Google will understand the semantics of your web search and will give you the proper results, knowing what you actually need probably better than you know.

So basically, following this logic, Google will help the webmasters to get more traffic and popularity by showing the website on different keywords, right?

I will definitely have read your next article.

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I think this is awesome news and a huge step forward for content creators How Google RankBrain Works - Part 1

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O man this is great! I really appreciate all the information here i am currently involved in trying to get sites ranked. Understanding how this works is super helpful for me. I Look forward to part 2 of this and i hope maybe you can help me further in what we are trying to do. Rank brain is basically a Google AI rite? This is the part that gets a little foggy for me. I have not read the second part yet so i am going to do that now! Thank you for writing about this i am very interested in technology and i follow certain sub industries and companies inside the tech world.

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Yes Google RankBrain is some sort of AI that learns and expands by itself.

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Yes that is what I have basically read so far about RankBrain, that Google will be clever enough to understand that all of those keywords are related to your post even if you have not specifically targeted all those terms. Google will now apparently be clever enough to figure it out!

I am looking forward to your next posts on this topic!

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If this RankBrain is true, I’m not saying it isn’t though, I guess things will drastically change with the SEO methods that we know. I understand that when people do a search, they don’t exactly know the keywords to use. Just like in the example, the phrase to search can be in different forms but they mean the same thing with the movies in HBO. However, those differences in the phrase can mean something to the search engine that we do not really know.

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