Link building strategies for the one man business (or one lady!)

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Link building strategies for the one man business (or one lady!)

I am interested in starting to build some links for my business and I wanted to know what sort of link building strategy I should use?

Say I can spend 30 minutes to an hour 5 days a week on building links how should I focus this time?

I have been learning a little but about link building and I have bought a list of high PR websites for link building that I am going to start working through.. but if I can get some direction and maybe some explanation of the different types of links that I can build.

I have heard the people talking about building diverse links so what are all the types and how should I spread my effort between these?


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I would strongly suggest that you build links that are in the same niche as your website. Whenever I build links, I always include my website name in the link, as an example:

<a href="" title="Example">Example</a>
<a href="" title="This is a fake site">This is a fake site</a>

This seems to work for me, and I never had any negative issues due to this. Be careful if you include keywords with the links, this may negatively effect your website if you do it incorrectly, or do it too much.

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Thanks Everett but what do you mean by using keywords incorrectly and too much? I mean I would search for websites that are high quality sites that are in the same niche as me right? Then I would leave great comments on their websites so it adds good value to them.

I guess sometimes I should leave my link and other times I should just comment to build up my trust with the website owner before trying to leave a link?

I can see when someone is commenting on my websites trying to get a backlink and as long as they provide value to my website and as long as their link is relevant and useful I will leave it so I understand the theory of it fine.

I am just not sure how to do anything other than blog commenting and business listings...

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He means if you use the same amount of keywords in the anchor text or title text too much it can be seen as over optimization and can mess with your rankings. Ideally you need to have a nice mix of keywords associated with your domain. When doing link building, blog commenting, forum posting, social bookmarking and the like. You don't want to use the same anchor text keywords all the time. There is actually a science behind it and a lot of general recommendations out there that all basically say you should mix up your anchor text links with about 30% of your targeted keywords, 30% brand name, 30% call to action keywords like "here" "click here" "this site" etc etc and the rest just URL's only, your domain and variances of it. Or something like that. To keep it more natural looking.

That list I gave you is pretty good if you're looking for link building opportunities. Just pick something you like the look of and start at the top. Just brute force your way through them and you'll find tons of link building opportunities on those sites.

It would be better if that list came with some more information about the different sites and how to use them and that. I was going to include that but not finished it and wanted to get the links out but I'll try to get round to that as you might find it useful and might just put it to good use! Link building strategies for the one man business (or one lady!)

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Yeah I think that is where I fell short Mike. I did actually start looking at the list and I went to a few websites and I couldn't quite figure out how to go about getting a link LOL.

Yes I know I must spend some time just bashing on through it, you are so right about that.

Ok now I totally understand what you mean by the anchor text and keywords, gotcha Link building strategies for the one man business (or one lady!)

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Well, do it every time you have an opportunity.
  • You just read a good article on a blog you like? Comment and place your link the name or in the actual content of the comment;
  • Bookmarked website are also a good place to promote your website and it's quite good if you don't do it in excess;
  • Forums are also a good place to build backlinks, especially active ones;
  • I also searching for question type websites and provide relevant answers with your own links;
  • Build them daily and constantly and I guarantee you will see the effects in a few months.

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Thanks Cristian... yes ok like Quora lol. Yes I must get my butt in there. I have been meaning to but I just haven't done it.

Ok so I must set aside time every day to not just build a link every day to each website, but also to get to know other blog owners or get my name known so that I can in future build links on those websites... gaining trust is important.

Ok I am on my way!

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My idea of building links is commenting on blogs. I am not saying this is a good one but I find it as the most simple in the link building activity. The only analysis that you will do is to check on the popularity of the blog. That’s where Alexa ranking comes in. The traffic indicator will tell you if the blog is popular or not. Read a blog and post a comment on the blog. It is much better if you can use your site’s link as reference.

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