5 Alternative Search Engines not like Google to do things a little differently

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5 Alternative Search Engines not like Google to do things a little differently

Yesterday I posted about Microsoft Rewards and Bing and it got my thinking. Google is the king of all Search Engines, there's no doubt about that. But does that popularity really make Google the best Search Engine to use for all your search purposes? In fact, there are some other Search Engines out there that have their own benefits and features about them that Google doesn't have. So here's 5 alternative Search Engines to use that function differently to Google, depending on what you want to search for.

If you don't want to be tracked by your searches.

DuckDuckGo (unlike Google) doesn't track and collect and store everything you search online. No PII's (personal identifiable information) is collected on you. No monitoring of everything you search to show you ads that are relevant to what you are searching for. You can turn off tracking in Google but DuckDuckGo is just search and go without the tinkering.

If you want more technically inclined search results:

Wolfram Alpha has a massive database of scoured searched results. You can use it to find virtually anything you want. That includes things like what Scrabble words have the highest score to what some of the most famous works of literature are and more.

If you want to search deeper.

If your privacy is extremely important to you then DuckDuckGo is the one to use. But Grams is also very similar and works the way that using Tor browser works. Searching in the deep web can require the use of specialized tools such as Tor Browser.

If you want to get better video results.

You might not believe this, but Bing videos actually outperforms Google videos in terms of video search. This maybe something to do with the layout because videos are displayed as large thumbnails that take up the whole page (rather like Pinterest works). You can even preview videos by mouse overing them as well as other details like video length, resolution and the source etc.
5 Alternative Search Engines not like Google to do things a little differently

If you want to make some money when searching.

You can use Microsoft's Rewards service and get paid for searching. You wont get paid in cash but in points which you can redeem for searching the web in Bing, trying out their new offers and and features. And you can then redeem these points on things like Amazon gift cards or other online services like Hulu or Xbox Marketplace.

Hope you like, hope you enjoy, hope you find it useful.

What other Search Engines do you use apart from Google and why?


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DuckDuckGo all the way, I love DuckDuckGo! It's simple, fast and doesn't track nothing. Has also incredibly relevant results, sometimes even more relevant than Google.
So, if you are not much of a Google fan and you want to stay away from their "Google accounts", DuckDuckGo is a great alternative. This is what I would use if I wasn't in online marketing.

Wolfram Alpha is more of a database as you said, but DuckDuckGo is a real search engine, home it will continue growing in popularity and I also hope Google doesn't buy it! Lol.

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Mike once again thank you for an amazing post highlighting alternative search engines. I think people are so used to Google and it really is the big fish isn't it? I mean people don't even say "search online" anymore, instead they say "Google it".

I saw your other post about Microsoft's Rewards but unfortunately I don't qualify because of my location (yet again!).

I didn't know that videos ranked better on Bing and I assume you are meaning that Youtube videos rank better on Bing? That is interesting because Youtube is part of Google so I assumed they would rank better on Google.

I haven't heard of DuckDuckGo or Wolfram Alpha I'll give them a go, why not hey?

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Hi Lynne yeah Google it is the verb! Nobody says "Go and search it online". They just say "Google it" As for Bing videos ranking higher. Bing videos don't "rank better" on Bing. It's just that Bing videos are used more than Google videos. Possibly something to do with the layout. Perhaps Google could do same thing but they like to keep their search results minimal to load fast and it's worked well for them up to now so. As for the others, only if you need to for the reasons stated such as privacy when searching and more technical results.

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Wolfram alpha has everything their own. So they don't link outside.But the duckduckgo has some good results and also the page has some good value in that case. I think some of the things one can do in that case is that they just make sure to add some search friendly results. Bing based results are being accessed by many other search engines. And also it's free like google.

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That's great information indeed. I really like DuckDuckGo as I feel safe when using it. Sometimes I feel as if Google is invading my privacy. I heard about the Bing Rewards and it is so unfortunate that I can't participate in it due to my geographical location. Bing is also a good search engine and more people are using it nowadays.

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These sites are alien to me but I seem to like DuckDuckGo because there is no tracking involved. That means I have the liberty to do a search and not worry about my footprint. And I am surprised with the Microsoft’s Rewards. Earn money when doing a search. Perhaps this is a good habit to develop since using Google in search gives me nothing. With Bing, I can earn some coins especially when I am searching many things. Okay, starting now, I will be using Bing for my search. But first, I have to check what exactly is Microsoft’s Rewards and how to avail of it.

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