Spying and copying your competitors?

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Spying and copying your competitors?

How important is spying on your competitor's websites?

I spend a lot of time looking at what my competitors are doing and what the overall trends are for a certain niche or website I'm promoting or doing SEO for.
Sure, you may say I can use this time for better things like actually improving my own SEO and developing my own ideas but ignoring what your competitors are doing can be a big mistake.

In the online industry, things can change over night and if you are not vigilant enough to notice and adapt to changes you may find yourself out of the game.

What should you look for?

  • New website functionalities
  • New marketing campaigns
  • New SEO and content updates

Spying and copying your competitors?

What should you copy?

Don't just copy a good idea, improve it and adapt it for your own website and clients. You need to make sure the idea is successful, wait a while (but not to long) to notice how things will turn out for your competitor.

What do you think about spying your competitors?
What kind of tools are you using to figure out marketing strategies and SEO techniques when it comes to your competitors?


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Hey Christian, awesome discussion!

I think it is extremely important to "spy" on your competitors, it helps keep your business going because if they have lowered there prices, people are more likely to shop there because its cheaper....if you were watching your competitors stuff you would be able to change your prices to beat their prices or maybe offer something extra with a purchase.

It is definitely a smart idea to keep up on your competitors and other similar sellers

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Hi Christian,
I stopped obsessively looking at the competition back in 2005 - 2006. While it is obviously good to know what your competitors are doing and to keep up on new trends for pricing, technology to stay competitive. I changed my focus from worrying about the competitors to servicing my clients needs through over the top customer support, products and services etc. This had a dramatic effect on sales and my customers were willing to pay considerably more. I was not the cheapest nor most expensive. I also noticed a measurable result in referrals and my website traffic spiked. Another interesting thing I noticed is that the competition started to copy what I was doing. Spying and copying your competitors? So now one of my favorite motto's is "Don't worry about the competition, worry about your customers".

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I agree that keeping tabs on what your competitors are doing is always a good thing. However like Webguy2024 says it really is important to keep your main focus on your business and your services. I am sure loads of people have lost sight of their purpose while spying LOL

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If you've already got your customer service sorted and you're already providing an amazing excellent first rate service to your customers/clients, then looking to or even spying on your competitors will help you to know what sort of things they're doing either on their site or to promote their site/business. Which you can then do yourself. Not in the exact same way maybe but in a different way, your own unique way. And doing so can give you a lot of tips and tricks to do things you didn't know were possible to do.

One of the best ways to spy on your competitors is to use Google Alerts. You can even set up a recipe using IFTTT so that any time one of your competitors brand names or website is mentioned somewhere you receive an email about it. This can also help you to see what backlinks they're building, where and what type of links they are which you can then go in after and add your own. Spying and copying your competitors?

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It looks like hard work for me if I would be spying and copying my competition. Besides, it is against my religion to do that because it is like cheating or doing something behind the back of my competitor. If they do that to me then it is their conscience that will punish them. But for me I would rather just spread my backlinks or stuff my content with keywords. That will be a decent way of SEO work.

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