is yahoo bankrupt officially they will stay like this

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is yahoo bankrupt officially they will stay like this

now yahoo is sold out what next they will keep providing thier services normally or will changed as yahoo now lost everything in yahoo , yahoo was best and first internet services provider i wonder if they will keep it


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Thanks to Webguy2024 for offering an explanation to this. I am sorry that Sanfora posted something that is inaccurate.
Besides, Sanfora you have no right to tell anyone here on community discussions to stop answering your questions. Razzy had every right to ask you what you were actually talking about as Yahoo is a massive business with a negligible probability of going bankrupt! So your original post was quite misleading and it really confused me too the first time I read it. Unless a user is being rude or disrespectful everybody has the right to ask questions and seek clarifications here. This is a community discussion after all!

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I'm not exactly sure what you're talking about.

Did Yahoo go bankrupt and no one knows about it? Have I been under a rock lately?

I checked here:

At a 3% chance of going bankrupt, I don't think it's likely that they will be going bakrupt any time soon. Facebook has a 1% chance and Yahoo is at a 3% so they're probably not going to close the doors or sell of their stock lol.

Maybe you read an old article about the original investors selling off their stock around 9 years ago and people thought it was going to go down, but it didn't.

Or maybe I'm just reading your questions wrong and you're just asking what would happen if Yahoo did go bankrupt?

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yahoo sold because it already bankrupt all your answer is not correct plz stop answering my quastions

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Yahoo! has not gone bankrupt. And Yahoo! isn't even an ISP either! You said "yahoo was best and first internet services provider". How on earth did you come up with that? If you look here for Is Yahoo an Internet service provider? You'll see it says;

Although Yahoo! isn't an Internet service provider (ISP) in itself, this article explains SBC Yahoo - a dial-up ISP. In order to use any of Yahoo!'s services, you must first connect to the Internet using an Internet service provider (ISP). Yahoo and SBC have partnered together to provide users in the United States with Internet service. For more information about SBC Yahoo! DSL or SBC Yahoo! Dial and to order a startup CD, please visit the SBC Yahoo! website. For further questions regarding accessing the Internet, such as problems with your connection or what phone number to dial, please contact the ISP that you will be using from your location.

So Yahoo isn't an ISP, they have partnered with SBC to provide US residents with Internet but that was many many years ago before the days of broadband. Yahoo! is a Search Engine. Not an ISP. So I don't even know why you've said that.

What does it matter one iota to you anyway, if Yahoo! has gone bankrupt or not? How will it effect anything in your life whether directly or indirectly related? It doesn't and it wont. You're not even posting this because you are genuinely concerned or interested, you're only posting this to earn a bump. That's why half of your questions are nonsensical (let alone badly spelled with incorrect grammar which I've already told you about and told you to check your spelling and grammar) and don't make any sense!

If you do any research into who the first ISP was. you'll know that it was Prodigy Services Corp back in 1990. And some of the earliest ISP's after them was AOL and Compuserve. Try and do some research first before asking questions. We don't mind you posting to earn a bump and actively encourage it, but at least try to do some research first so your questions actually make sense and are accurate.

And don't insult people on the CD who are trying to help you. That's not cool.

Be cool. Be excellent to each other.

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I'm confused as to why you would post a question here if you don't want anyone to respond to it? That certainly is odd!

I haven't heard anything about Yahoo going bankrupt, but hey I do live under a rock a lot of the time and I never use Yahoo.

Thanks for the explanation Webguy2024 that makes sense, it will be interesting to watch how that turns out, I mean Google certainly is the King of the Internet by a long shot. The way I see it is that it is not always good to have one big giant and then a few people that are far below them.

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I mentioned that few days ago in a reply to him/her.. oddly my comment was removed after 20 minutes. maybe he didnt like my comment that he should not post questions if he doesnt want an answer. lol

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Yahoo was bought by Verizon Communications for $5B in cash, July 2016. The plan is to combined Yahoo with AOL. Verizon now owns Yahoo's core internet business. Yahoo has a billion active users a month and now Verizon will increase their market share as a global mobile media company. Verizon will be selling ads on a massive content network and websites like: "Huffington Post, Engadget, Yahoo Finance and TechCrunch." Verizon is trying to compete with Google and Facebook for online advertising. Yahoo isn't going away, just new owners.

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Now we already know what happened with Yahoo when it was acquired by Verizon. It is continuing its service to the public with its email and Yahoo Search. Maybe Verizon is thinking of expanding Yahoo later on when they get the break-even point of the expenses vis-à-vis profit. I am glad that Yahoo is still there because my emails are in Yahoo and I was afraid that they will close down.

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