What is Google AMP and how will it affect me?

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What is Google AMP and how will it affect me?

I've just come across the term Google AMP which stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages.

I've been meaning to start looking at how mobile friendly my websites are but I haven't gotten around to it yet and something tells me I should upgrade to Premium themes to ensure they are mobile friendly

So here is my question what exactly is Google AMP and how can I make sure my pages are mobile friendly too.

I did a search about AMP and it looks quite annoying with downloading one plugin for AMP and then another one to set the stying options. Then apparently you need to check it in Google Webmaster Tools.

The instructions got quite confusing if there are any errors.

Has anyone had any experience yet with Google AMP, can you explain it all simply to me?


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From what I know about you Bev you are using Wordpress right? There are plenty of plugins for implementing AMPs to Wordpress blogs.
And yes, the instructions are pretty crap because this is a new technology.

I personally been trying to implement one single AMP page for some time now, without success. I did everything the tutorials said but I still haven't managed to actual Index my AMP page into Google.
If you ever manage to make this work, let me know, seriously!

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Cristian yes I am using Wordpress. I have not even begun to attempt this, seriously. I read about it and I wanted to know what you all know about it. If you are struggling with it then I will probably find it an absolute nightmare.

If I do get somewhere with it I will let you know for sure.

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I haven't installed that yet in my website, but i've tried to implement it only in one page and it was easy.However, i'm not using wordpress but i think it's not hard to install it. Also don't forget to check this video.

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I have read in another discussion that accelerated mobile pages is now getting popular because with the majority of internet users are mobile browsers so websites should be responsive in its design. One issue with a responsive design is the speed of display of the web page since mobile browsers is not the same as computer browsers. Perhaps the Google AMP will be the game changer in this issue.

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