Are text links or banner ads more profitable?

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Are text links or banner ads more profitable?

Is selling text links or banner ads more profitable?

If you own a forum or website, then you may earn revenue from selling advertisement on your website. You may sell text links or banner ads but which one is more profitable? From my personal experience, many people like text links because they are also a backlink. However, I earn most of my revenue from banner ads because it is easier to make money off banner ad networks. I had very little success with text ads networks. People seem to be looking for results more than backlinks when buying links so banner ads are probably more popular. Do you agree?

Banner ads also tends to be more expensive because it takes up more space so you can make more money from banner ads. Most websites use banner ads as their main source of revenue and sell text links on top of it for a slightly extra income.


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Definitely banner ads are more profitable

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I would think that banner ads are a lot more lucrative than text ads. I don't have any proof or experience but it would make sense. They are bigger, more clickable and much more noticeable. You can make banner ads very attractive.

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I have done both. I found that advertising via banner is far more profitable, and successful than regular text ads. They are bigger, you can animate the banner, and write text on them. Sometimes even horrible advertisement banners get tons of clicks, more so than a text ad would.

Are text links or banner ads more profitable?

The image above would be used as a reference for my successes.

I've had the most success with 468x90, 250x250, and 125x125.

The banner ad that is size 125x125 is commonly used with BuySellAds, they are placed usually on the right sidebar of websites. This is a very common ad placement now, and you can get a lot of success from a small banner. The issue now is responsive design, and ad sizes. Sometimes the ads are not responsive if you're on a mobile device and can take up the entire screen. This is usually for websites that are not optimize for mobile compatibly, but if you use a smaller size than it would not be a nuisance to mobile users.

468x90, 728x90, and those skyscraper ads are just horrible. I can't still believe they are being used, they take up too much space. If you're on a mobile device, then you have to scroll past the ad, and it gets annoying especially when the ad appears on all pages. I would try for a smaller ad, such as 125x125, or 234x60 just so the mobile users can easily browse.

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YES. At least about 10 years ago! Lol. I personally made a lot of profit selling do-follow side wide link on my old blog. I used to have PR4 and I had plenty of clients that paid by the month or by the year.

I don't think you should sell text links in 2016. Maybe make them look like ads and make them nofollow. But don't sell them to people looking to build links. If you do it excessively Google will penalize you!

As far as banner ads, well, those are the best if you ask me. Especially if you are getting paid by a certain period. You don't really need to worry about conversions, you're still getting paid.

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Yeah the reason banner ads are more expensive is a two fold reason. Firstly they take up more space on your site (reality). And they are much more attractive and visually pleasing and appealing than text link ads are. So you can often get more money for a banner ad on your site than you could a text link ad. But you are right in that you shouldn't sell links on your site. Doing that can land you in trouble. Google despises sites that buy and sell links on their site. Why is this? It's because it works! They know it, the buyers know it. Buying links is a fast way of getting a better SERP ranking and sometimes it can be done so cleverly, so covertly that Google simply cannot tell and has no idea what is a paid link, what is an advertisement and what is an organic link. That's one side of things they have heavily invested into and I wouldn't be surprised if we see something from Google in the next few years that deals with all these paid links as it's causing a bad UX in the SERPS.

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