What steps are needed to optimize a site?

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What steps are needed to optimize a site?

I have just set up my latest money site and I have taken care of the all the high-quality content, as well as adding all of the pictures and videos needed to fill out the template, yet I have been told by a friend there is still some optimizing to be done I think that I need to do thinks like rename the images, add more long tail key words etc. Would someone be able to give me a complete list of things that need to be setup correctly, like what to put in my slug url as I have heard a lot of conflicting things and I want to get everything right on this site!


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For on page optimization you need to follow a few things.

First off you'll need to know how NOT to get a penalty lol.

  • Avoid using too many of your keywords in the content because this is seen as keyword stuffing and it's a big NO NO.
  • Don't blend your text into the background by making it the same color as the background.
  • Don't use doorway pages that aren't linked to anything in your website besides a "BUY NOW" page.

Ok, so now you know how to avoid an on page optimization penalty What steps are needed to optimize a site? Let's go over some basic tips on how to increase your rankings through on page stuff What steps are needed to optimize a site?
  • First - Your titles (meta titles) should be optimized with the keyword(s) you want to rank for. I usually try to get my main keyword in the title of the page so that it's easier to let Google, Yahoo! and Bing know what my website is all about. Try not to overdue it because you only get so many characters to show up in the search rankings for your title.
  • Second - Your meta description needs to be optimized with your keywords as well. I like to get my keywords into the description twice so that it gives me a total of 3 keywords in my code if you include the title. This will show 3 of your keywords in the search results, which usually helps. You just have to make sure your content is readable and people can understand it. Don't hammer in 20 keywords and think you're going to rank #1 lol.
  • Third - Your content needs to be optimized for the keyword(s) you're trying to rank for. I've read that you can go up to 5% keyword density in your content, but I never go over 3% just to play it safe. This means that if I'm targeting a 3% keyword density I'll have my targeted keyword in the content 3 times for every 100 words.
  • Fourth - You need to optimize your images alt tags. Have you ever been to a website where the image didn't show up because it broke during the load and then you saw some text saying what was suppose to be there? That's an alt tag ;) It helps the search engines figure out what the image is all about, and they love the fact that you're trying to help them understand your website better What steps are needed to optimize a site?
  • Fifth - You need to make sure your website is interlinked. This is not backlinking, I'm talking about linking your pages together with menus, hyperlinks in text, footer links, sitemaps, etc. This will help Google, Yahoo! and Bing crawl your pages and index them if they want to.
  • Sixth - You need to have a responsive (mobile friendly) design. Google recently launched an update around 6 months ago that gives mobile friendly websites a boost in their search engine results. Why? Because now there is close to 60% of the searches on Google coming from mobile devices and they want the users to have a better experience when they're on their phones. Have you every been on your phone and gone to a website that wasn't responsive? You have to pinch and stretch the page just to read what it's about, and it gets annoying What steps are needed to optimize a site? This is why Google now gives priority to mobile friendly websites What steps are needed to optimize a site?
  • Seventh - Make subpages that contain content targeting all your other keywords. Add one page per keyword and focus only on that keyword. If you have 10 keywords besides your main keyword, make 10 sub pages, one for each keyword. Get optimized content on the pages, around 1,000 words of content usually works best, and do all the steps I said above.

After you do all of this you should be sitting pretty on page 1 for low competition keywords What steps are needed to optimize a site?

I hope that helps What steps are needed to optimize a site?

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Wow, Razzy!

What a remarkably insightful answer. You are so generous with your time and knowledge. I appreciate it, and I'm quite sure that a lot of other people around here do, as well. Keep up the amazing posts!! You're a real asset to Community Discussion.

I'm going to bookmark this info for later. I know it'll come in handy. Great stuff!

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If you're fairly new to SEO'ng and you're using WordPress you can install and use the Yoast SEO plugin which doesn't just make your site a little more SEO friendly out the box but can actually help you to properly SEO your posts and pages as well. It will tell you many things about each part of your content that need optimizing by putting in a focus keyword that you're basing that content around. This is why Yoast is so good for newbie webmasters and bloggers and SEO's to learn about SEO as-they-go. So if you are running a WordPress site, install the Yoast SEO plugin and set it up on your site. Then when you're making a new post, enter in the focus keyword and it will tell you if that content (post/page) is optimized for that keyword. What steps are needed to optimize a site?

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For a new site, make a chart of the contents that you will upload in a given time. For example, you have to upload contents every other day. What will you upload? Making a chart for the uploading of contents will give you the complete idea of the scope of work that you need to do. It’s not good to quit in midstream for reasons of lack of time. What I’m pointing at is that you have to know the scope so you can be prepared for the work. By the way, content or good content is the primary element that search engines are looking for in a website.

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