How important is maintaining a good link profile?

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How important is maintaining a good link profile?

I am aiming to expand the amount of website management I do, because I am looking to build up a few more alternative revenue sources over the next few weeks. Now I am not exactly a newbie to backlinks but recently I have discovered that my methods are by far some of the most inefficient out there! I have been using my network of blogs to provide my site with a lot of backlinks but I was wondering if it is worth me stepping up my game and buying hundreds of backlinks from suppliers. What exactly do I need to accomplish in order to get the perfect back link profile for my new website? Do I need to continue working with my blogs or outsource to a supplier?



Think of your backlink profile like you're building a house. You won't be able to build a house with just lumber, you need much more than that. And this is exactly the same way backlinking campaigns should work.

If you've only had your blogs linked to your money site and it's ranking you #1 on page 1, then you're in a good niche and you might not need to boost up your profile much more. If you can make money off of a few blogs linked into your main website, that's awesome How important is maintaining a good link profile? If you're not on the first page, I would suggest building more buffer pages like articles, web 2.0s, wikis, etc. After you get those built up I would then hire someone who has GSA or SeNuke and have them blast all your second tier links with a well laid out plan of attack. Don't just look for a lot of links being pushed at your second tier, they still have to be decent links in order to boost up your first tier links and inevitably push up your main website. I've done this method plenty of times, and even though it takes a good amount of time, it's well worth it because you can sometimes take up the entire 1st page on Google, Yahoo! and Bing with your main page and buffer pages How important is maintaining a good link profile? I remember a couple years ago I spent a few hours a day on something like this in a medium competition niche and I had listings 1 through 9 on the first page. I also had 7 of 10 on the second page, so I was getting almost 99% of the traffic for that keyword, which was pretty great How important is maintaining a good link profile?

If you look around the SeoClerks marketplace you will find some really good sellers who can help you with first tier and second tier links. Some of the sellers offer a full service package where they will build high quality first tier links and follow that up with good second tier links. Basically you pay them and focus on other aspects of your business or website and try to make money while they do the SEO How important is maintaining a good link profile?

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It's very important to maintain a good consistent and wide diverse link profile if your site is not ranking anywhere currently for much. But if that's the case then it's also important to maintain a consistent on-page SEO link profile as well by regularly adding new content that deep links back to other content using similar keywords, long tails etc. You can actually build some very powerful internal links to your site this way and it helps Google to crawl deep into your site later on as well. Google only crawls so deep so that's why it's important to have site maps where Google can see all your sites pages, posts, categories etc all on one page in a format the spider can crawl, read and understand.

But before you go out buying lots of links. You should ask yourself whether your on-page SEO is good enough to merit picking up that many links or not. The general rule of thumb is for good content is that it gets shared and picks up links naturally. So the more great content you have, the more links you're generally considered to have as well really. And while backlinks are important and can help, they should be related backlinks from blogs and sites, forums, wikis etc in the same niche/industry that your site/blog etc is in ideally. As well as of course having a lot of social signals too. Because it makes sense that if you have a lot of good content you would also have a lot of social signals, shares, tweets, retweets, pins, likes, +1's etc etc as your site is shared and bookmarked around the net on places like Reddit, Digg etc etc.

And you don't want to build these and then just stop either. That is a big no no. Doing that can show that you're buying it. But only every now and then but in bulk amounts or something. Social signals should be treated and built the same as you build backlinks. Slowly and naturally over time. Although you're much safer adding a lot of social signals quickly because that can happen in real scenarios where a site goes viral on social media and picks up millions of shares and links overnight. For new sites that can sometimes put it in the Google sandbox. It's not confirmed that the sandbox itself actually exists or whether it's a penalty from one of the algorithms but the effects are deranking and or worse deindexing and a nice message for you to read in Search Console.

But all of that is completely avoidable provided you concentrate on having lots of great content on your site. Not thin content either. I'm talking articles of 1000-3000+ words long. Tons of unique images and other media. And great internal link building, structure and navigation with a fast loading, responsive site but that is just standard for today. And focusing on the same level of quality with your backlinks as well. Building only the highest quality backlinks from related sites, and other "Google friendly" high authority sites like all the Web 2.0 sites, Social Bookmarking sites, Social Media sites, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Insta, VK etc etc.

That's why sites like Knowem was made! Also, (and I don't mean to self promote). But that's why I put together my list of the best and biggest Internet sites to build the best links on today in 2016+. Also check out Where and How to Get Your First 50 High Quality SEO Ranking Backlinks for Your New Website. If you want your main site to be taken seriously by the Search Engines then you absolutely do not want to miss out on links from all the sites in that list.

Hope you find this useful!


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I certainly would not head out and "buy hundreds of links from suppliers" no!

I am not what I would consider an SEO guru by a long shot but the way I understand it is that links should be built slowly, naturally and over time. They must be quality links. Quantity is not what is important, quality is what you are aiming for. You also need lots of different types of links.

If you buy hundreds of backlinks you run the risk of getting your site banned. If you buy loads of cheap links you will be getting yourself into trouble. I suggest rather searching for a seller with a good rating here that sells SEO packages not just links. Do not go for cheap or you will get cheap.

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Pardon me for saying that there is no perfect backlink. I wonder where you got that idea. Anyway, backlinks is the link of your website that you spread in the internet. It can be in forums, blogs, other sites that include social media. Backlinks give your website the opportunity to get traffic when the reader clicks on the backlink. For the most effective venue for backlinks, the social media is my suggestion.

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