Estimated Domain Price Difference. Help me out!

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Estimated Domain Price Difference. Help me out!

I've been using tool and my domain estimated price decrease by $3000 as compare to last month, really worried can anybody please tell me why this difference/decrease.


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Those free online site evaulation sites and tools give you a value of your website based on their own algorithm and calculation. Each work similar but each also has their own algorithm and what they take into consideration. That's why each gives you different values. What they look at is your current traffic stats, but that's not always easy to see so the next thing they look at is the age of your site then how many links (backlinks) it has. They also take into consideration the amount of content or links and images and things you have on your site. The thesis used is that the more content, links and images etc you have on your site, the more value your site has. But that's not true and shouldn't be used as a way of determining a sites value.

Case Value Example

Let's say you registered which as everyone knows would be a super valuable domain right now! But you hadn't nothing on the site, no content, no images and no external links. And you didn't have much traffic to it or it hadn't many backlinks. And you ran it through some domain value sites. It would probably say that the domain isn't worth that much but obviously, a domain like that could be worth a pretty penny right now.

And let's say you owned an old domain/site that itself, was in a niche that nobody was searching for anymore and you couldn't sell it if you included your house and car with it for love nor money. But that same site/domain had a lot of content on it, was an aged domain and had a lot of traffic to it and a lot of backlinks. And you ran it through a domain value site. It would likely say that the domain is worth a lot more than the one simply because it's got some age behind it, it's established in the SERPs, has a lot of social signals and a lot of backlinks etc so it would value that domain pretty high. However, in real life, the domain in question doesn't have any value at all really or anything going for it other than the age of it. But age alone isn't a factor that makes a domain valuable. Where it's ranking, how much traffic it gets and how much money it's making is what makes that domain valuable. Something all these evaulation sites can't see!

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Has your traffic dropped? These kind of tools are not to be trusted. If you are having the same amount of traffic and conversions, you don't need to worry about how a certain website calculated your overall worth.

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I don't think that those website show you the real "price" of your website, i've tried many of those service and never got same results in two places.

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I have tried lots of different tools to work out the estimated worth of my websites, just for fun and each website gives me a very different price. I am not sure exactly how each website works, plus I have noticed that the prices of my websites change after a while on the same website. Yes sometimes up and sometimes down.
I think it depends on how much traffic you are generating at that particular time, and how regularly you are adding new content too. I noticed the more often I have been adding content the better the estimated price.

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Unless you hire some professional domain evaluator, you can't get real domain value with these websites. It's very inaccurate tools which are using few sources to evaluate your domain, and these sources can be irrelevant completely. Value of your domain depending on lot more factors then these websites take count of, so don't pay too much attention to that evaluation. If they are anywhere near accurate valuation then there would not be so much difference in price while you evaluating on one website then another, but you can see that on some evaluation websites you can get $30 evaluation, while on another you get $3000. Nonsense. If you looking to sell your website for good amount of money then you need to provide proof of monetization that website making, to get good buyer and price!

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When your domain or the website is evaluated, the evualation tool conders number of points. For a domain valuation some of the metrics are
domain name
domain age
ads conversion
The process is automatic and the evualation is based on certain calculation and algorithim. You should not give much important to these evaluations.

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