Keyword analysis with Google Trends

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Keyword analysis with Google Trends

I use Google Trends for extensive keyword research.
For example, if I'm doing SEO for a new online store, I'll take all my main keywords for each category and run them through Google Trends.

From there, depending on the period analyzed, I can figure out if the keyword is on a down spiral or if it has a full upwards trend and it will be relevant in the future.
Another cool thing Google Trends ca reveal is buying seasons, if you spread the graphic on a long enough period you will notice certain spikes at some point of the year. Those are really important to figure find and keep in mind. Because you can start preparing extensive marketing campaigns for those high-interest periods.


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Oh yes I love Google Trends and I love keyword research. I can often get completely absorbed by it and find half my day gone. I just find it so intrigueing.

I'm also interested in how trends go up and down during the year. I was researching some niche keywords for new website ideas and I can't remember what the keyword was but every year in August there was a significant rise and I couldn't figure out what it was all about. I have all that information saved somewhere and it is on my to do list to see what is so special about August in that niche.

Google Trends is a very useful tool.

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As far as Trends go, you can also see them from keyword planner. Very Keyword has its own little 12 months statistic. Google Trends though, has data from 2004 onward.

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I have used Google trends to come up with some affiliate posts. And that does work out to some extent. And in some cases it can be worth checking out. You can see that some of the time keyword analysis. Because just knowing the trend is not enough. One has to understand the demand for the keywords during this period. Most of the shopping month decides the sales. So during these times it'd be worth going for trends.

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